Best Ways to Learn SQL Online

Structured Query Language is a clear-cut programming language which is used to access and manipulate relational databases. A set of tables consisting of rows and columns of data make a relational system. In the table, each of the columns shows a category of data and each row has a data value for the converging column. Most of the businesses have databases in some form which is used to analyse marketing and business strategy decisions.

best way to learn sql online

Therefore, since 1970 SQL is being used by the top database management systems as the programming language in order to manage their data. There is a huge demand for programmers who have experience in SQL

You cannot build any serious application without SQL. It is a universal programming language which will advantageous while learning other programming languages such as Python and JavaScript.

Major functions of SQL:

  • Updating or retrieving data from database
  • Modifying database table
  • Setting up permissions on tables and procedures
  • Creating stored procedures in a database
  • Creating views in a database

For those who are aiming to become a database administrator, it is crucial to find the best ways to learn SQL online. As it doesn’t need any previous programming experience, SQL is an awesome coding language to learn if you are interested in programming so should know best way to learn sql online.

Often, you can learn to write SQL but you may miss some very important features and functionalities which can make a huge difference and save a lot of your time too. The best way to learn SQL depends on certain factors such as time, money and your learning style.

In this post, we are going to discuss some of the best way to learn SQL online.

Learn the basic concepts

To start learning SQL, you have to practice the concepts theoretically and practically. This includes practice of queries and commands. Starr from the basic ones and once you have mastered them, move on to more complicated ones.

Watch YouTube tutorials

There are plenty of videos on YouTube which will provide you free training for SQL. These interactive tutorials not only give you solution when you run into minor problems while programming but also let you build queries and manipulate data to test your knowledge.

Join SQL forums and blogs

The SQL forums are a great place for people who have just began to learn the programming language. You can interact with other programmers, ask questions and even help others with the best way to learn SQL. You can find many such forums and chat rooms with a simple internet search. There are many blogs as well, which will give you detailed information about SQL, but try to stick to only one blog as too many can confuse you with their varied methods of teaching.

Get a free SQL Database Management System

If you want to take SQL seriously, then the best way to learn sql is by practising it as much as possible. This is the most important step while learning SQL. Get an open-source database where you can begin writing and running basic queries by using your own data. Once, you have finished learning the basic SQL concepts, jump to more complex queries.

You can try MySQL which is a free database system to start writing.

Join Online courses

The best way to learn SQL online for most of the people is through an online course as they have various benefits and some of them are even free. Programming with SQL is done through a PC, so it is obviously better to get expertise through a practical course with additional help from textbooks and video tutorials. With online courses, you would not be wasting any time on unnecessary information. Also, you will be able to learn on your own pace without any need to hurry which normally happens with scheduled classes. Moreover, online classes are quite affordable as compared to regular ones.

While choosing the online course make sure that you check the past reviews and experiences of the previous students. It is also important that you go through the course module thoroughly to be sure that it fits with what you are aiming to learn.

At last, beware of the free courses, on one hand some of the courses which do not charge you any money can be pretty good but many other can be of poor quality. Also, some of the courses which claim to be free can convert into paid ones after the instructors reach their promotional targets. That is why it is important to check the rating of the course that you are going to join. Try and join a course with at least 90% positive reviews.


After you know about the best way to learn sql and have learnt the basic concepts, you will need to backup your knowledge with professional certifications. This is extremely important if you won’t stand out among others and move up within any organization.

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