9 Interesting Features Of Arlo’s Smart Doorbell That Will Secure Your House!


Are you also concerned about the security of your house?  Do you also feel that before opening the door you should see who is outside? Well, we have a solution for you!  In this article, we have brought you a smart doorbell that will solve all your concerns.

There have been many traditional doorbells already introduced in the market but this is something new – a smart doorbell. We are talking about Arlo’s Essential Wire-Free doorbell that has all the features which can provide complete protection to you and your house. Below, we have enlisted some features of Arlo’s smart doorbell that will surely help you in deciding whether to buy it or not!

Amazing Features Of Arlo’s Doorbell –

1. It is Wire-Free!

Arlo’s Smart Doorbell is wire-free which means that you can install it anywhere you would like to. This feature provides a hassle-free setup through which you don’t need to have so many wires around the front door of your home. 

2. Provides Wider 180 Degree View

This doorbell will provide you with the view that other traditional video doorbells cannot. It is designed to help you see a person from head to toe, or spot a package on the ground. It provides a 180 degree wide viewing angle along with a front door optimised 1:1 Aspect ratio.

3. Auto Object Detection By Arlo

Source – Arlo

Its smart technology can help you in better object detection. You can be better informed about the difference between a package, person, animal, or vehicle. A message will be displayed showing “Motion Alert” and for example, if it’s a person, it will write “Person detected on Front Door at 9:00 AM”.

4. Specify Detection Zones

Arlo's Smart Doorbell
Source – Arlo

You can choose your own detection zones by highlighting the area in your camera view where you want to receive or ignore motion or sound alerts. You will find this section in the app as “Activity Zones”.

5. Quicker Emergency Services

In times of emergency, it has provided options like – Activate Siren, Call a friend or call 911 directly from the app. You can now act quicker by using these options even through your locked phone screen. 

6. 30 Days Cloud Storage

The videos which are recorded by the camera can be seen within the app for 30 days. You can look back at what you missed with the 30 days of video history. This storage will help you even when you are outside or on a vacation and return after a long time.

 7. Video Call With Visitors

Source – Arlo

Using Arlo’s Essential video doorbell you will never miss a visitor. You will receive a video call whenever the button on your doorbell is pressed and through this, you can see and speak to the visitors.

8. Astonishing Additional Features

It provides Night mode and the hearing message feature also. You can remotely listen to voice messages left by guests when you are unable to answer your door. And the night mode helps in getting a clear picture even when it’s dark outside. The most important feature is the battery life of this doorbell. The battery, once when fully charged, can be used for months. 

9. Affordable Price

You can pre-order The Arlo Essential Wire-Free Video Doorbell for $199.99 And according to the company it will start shipping “this holiday season.” 3 months of Arlo smart comes free with this price through which you can access a lot of services. After this free service gets expired,  you can buy it at $2.99 per month.

Interested to know what will come when you order this video doorbell?

It will include:

  • Arlo Video Doorbell (1)
  • Angled Mounting Plate (1)
  • Flat Mounting Plate (1)
  • Screw Kit (1)
  • Power Kit (1)
  • Wire Extensions (1)
  • Security Latch Release Pin (1)
  • Quick Start Guide (1)

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