How to Install Exodus on Kodi

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    Kodi on exodus
    PIC: How to Install Exodus on Kodi

    In this article, We will see A quick guide on how to install exodus Kodi player is a pretty good media player with many cool features. It works with various types of gadgets. Though earlier used for X-box today it performs well on all the gadgets. You can also use Kodi player on the Raspberry Pi. It makes accessibility to media being played very easy. You can play music as well as video on your gadget using Kodi player.

    Kodi player’s interface doesn’t come with any media stored in it. You can store music or films on it. Kodi player can also help you play live TV on your gadget. If you are playing music this software can play a wide variety of music formats. You can have films played on your TV using Kodi player. 

    There exists also a wide variety of posters and trailers for many films. It can give you other details about the films like the cast, overview, etc. It is a music player that can be used for everything relating to media on virtually all gadgets and OS.

    Using Add-Ons to Enhance Performance on Kodi player

    Many programs can have extended functionality with the use of add-ons. Enhancing performance of a media player will mean a lot better experience for you. You can get many powerful features using the add-ons. 

    Many of them are developed by independent experts and so it is in your hands to choose the right one that doesn’t affect the performance of Kodi player. Exodus happens to be the most extensively used add-on for the Kodi player. It has been around for many years now and you get regular new versions to the add-on.

    With Exodus, you can lay your hands on a large variety of media items from the internet that include live TV shows. Whether you can get continuity with the TV shows is not sure. But there is a huge amount of content to choose from when you get Exodus and they all come free. 

    Being one of the oldest add-ons for Kodi player, this one is highly reliable and most users have been using it for many years without any problem. Though the creators of Exodus have left the project, new versions are released regularly by independent developers.

    Things to Know Before you install Exodus For Kodi player

    There exist certain things that you must know before you set up Exodus. Using add-ons for Kodi player is unlawful and in that sense downloading Exodus is also not within the law. Though Exodus doesn’t have any stuff stored on it, you may be able to play illegal media which makes it illegal. 

    Kodi player provides APIs to encourage developers to make add-ons. But none of those developed by others are legal. But because Exodus only provides the links and not the content themselves, the add-on can be used legally.

    Kodi player doesn’t encourage the installation of any add-ons from sources not approved by it. So this means that you should first change the settings in Kodi player to allow induction of add-ons from such sources. The method is given below.

    1.     Go to settings on Kodi and click on “system settings”

    2.     You can then choose “add-ons” and click on the “yes” option for unknown sources.

    Once this is done you can have Exodus to enjoy a brilliant experience.

    Be On Guard When Using Exodus

    It is always better to be on guard when integrating an add-on with medial player which can be in the gray area of piracy laws. Using a VPN is the ideal way to keep yourself hidden from anyone wanting to have a look at your interactions on the web. 

    Using a VPN will make it certain that Exodus performs well. The VPN will hide your videos and ensure that your ISP doesn’t know it is a Kodi player video. It is better to get one that is highly reliable.

    Once you have taken all these steps, your Kodi player would be ready for installing the add-ons, we can now see the different methods for enabling Exodus. Now Proceed to How to Install Exodus on Kodi.

    1. Install Exodus Using The Lazy Repository

    There exist different ways to enable Exodus and the Lazy Repository is one of the best methods. This route can be used to get the add-on on different versions of Kodi player including the latest. The interface is pretty similar to the Kodi 17 Krypton. 

    There are some extra features in the latest update. But the add-ons that are usable with the earlier version can be used in this version too.

    The below steps will show you the way to get add-on for the last version.

    1.     Choose “Kodi” and select “settings”

    2.     Proceed to “File Manager” and double-click to select “Add Source”

    3.     In the options select “None”. Then enter the URL http://lazyKodi and confirm by pressing on “OK’

    4.     You can give the name “LazyKodi player” to this URL and give your confirmation by pressing twice on “ok”

    5.     Go to the home page of Kodi, expand the “add-ons” menu and tap on the symbol for “Package Installer”

    6.     You must choose the option “Install from zip file”

    7.     Choose “LazyKodi” and then go to “repositories”

    8.     Click on ANDROIDABA and then repository

    9.     “Repository.Kodil – 1.4 Zip” must be selected

    10.  Select the option “Install from repository”.

    11.  “Kodi Israel Repository” must be opened now

    12.  You can now proceed to “video add-ons”, choose the “Exodus” option and install the same.

    2. Making Use Of The Kodi Bae Repository For Getting Your Add-On

    This is a fresh repository on GitHub. You may come across some problems with Bae Repository but the add-ons including Exodus work just fine. It just takes a very short time to get Exodus added to Kodi player using this repository. 

    This method works perfectly on all versions of the player. The following few steps are proof to show how easy it is to use this way.

    1.     Start by getting the zip file for Kodi player Bae

    2.     Open Kodi player on the gadget and select “add-ons” tab

    3.     If you click the Box Icon found at the left-hand top corner, you can see an option to “install from zip file”. The zip file must be opened now.

    4.     Wait for the process completion and as it completes, it will notify you.

    5.     Proceed to the “video add-ons” section and see the list

    6.     In the list please select “Exodus”

    7.     Install Exodus and then wait for confirmation by notification.

    3. Getting Latest Exodus For Kodi player

    The version 4.1.07 was the last update for Exodus from the creators of the add-on, Cold Fire. This update is still present on Kodi player Israel and Super. But the problem is that they don’t work smoothly and this can affect your media experience. Now there is an alternative to this. 

    A new repository by name “Tknorris” has used Exodus and brought out a new update. You can induct this in the following way.

    1.     Get the TKnorris repository zip file from the internet

    2.     Run the Kodi player application and choose “add-ons” and the box icon

    3.     The “install from zip file” option must be chosen and open the zip file you downloaded. Ensure to get notified.

    4.     Follow the order as “Install from repository”, “TKnorris Release Repository”, “add-on repository”. Choose “Exodus repository” . You must get a notification soon.

    4. Use Kodil Repo to Set up Exodus

    You can get the add-on on different updates of Kodi player from Kodil Repo and complete the procedure within a few minutes. This repository is used by many for your media player.

    1.     As in earlier methods, go to settings on Kodi and then go to file manager and double click on “add source”.

    2.     Select the “none” option and enter the URL name as and name the source as Kodil Repo.

    3.     You can tap the “package installer” icon on the ‘add-ons” menu of media player Main Menu.

    4.     Now install the Kodi file from Kodi playerl Repo and wait for the completion of the process.

    5.     Now, head over to the repository menu and then “Kodi playerl repository” and enable Exodus from “video add-ons.” 

    You may now enjoy your media by selecting Exodus in the menu for video add-ons.

    In this way you can get Exodus for the older versions of Kodi player also. You can get Exodus for fire stick and use it safely without a VPN.  

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