8 technique to Fix Apex Legends Crashing pc

Apex Legends crashing was the line that froze the brows of the action gamers at the exact time when the whole world started choking the hazards of the tiny COVID-19 virus! Exclusively launched in July 2019, Apex Legends broke all the records of top games and jumped up to be one of the most popular action games leading with royal battle shooters.

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This enigmatic game of 5 seasons has approximately 50 million active players on the records. Featured with an option to select your character and lead the other legends as your squad, makes the battle even more compelling.

Apex Legends is available here to download for free. If not already, you may enjoy the game on your PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Origin on PC.

Apex Crashing

The game is as robust as its characters. But this high rising fan follower game soon witnessed the tiny bugs spoiling the enthusiasm amidst the peak of the game. Many gamers witnessed the Apex Legends crashing error and started amassing on the Google search pages for the required fixes. I am another kooky fan of Apex Legends, here to tell you how I otApex crash fix that made me relax and enjoy the game, like never before.

These 8 solutions would help you to get the Apex Legends Crashes fixed, forever.

1. Easy Fix for everything, including Apex Legends crashing pc:

First and foremost, before jumping onto any particular fix for the Apex Legends crashing pc error, I would recommend you to restart your computer. Many times this small trick works wonders! It solves several problems by refreshing the Operating System and by removing corrupt temporary data.

2. Check on system Requisites on the Apex Legends Home:

Apex Legends home screen has a detailed system requirement nicely framed. Have a look at this document and understand the basic requisites. Maybe that itself clicks you a fix!

Apex Legends Crashing

3. Disable your PC’s Full-Screen Optimization mode and optimize the game’s resolution:

Most of the online games do not recommend playing on a full-screen mode. Disable the full-screen optimization mode by following the below steps:

  • Launch the game on your PC
  • At the bottom-right of your screen, find the settings icon, and click on Video.
  • Right-click on the Display mode and find the Borderless Window in the dropdown.

8 technique to Fix Apex Legends Crashing pc 1

  • Enable Adaptive Resolution FPS Target and check the Resolution to 50.
  • Now, open go to your Computer and find the Apex Legends installation files.
  • You will find a games.exe file in there. Right-click on it to open a dropdown.
  • Select properties
  • Find the Compatibility tab and Disable Full-Screen Optimization by checking the box.
Apex Legends Crash fixed
  • Apply changes and save.
  • Restarting the PC is recommended.

That should solve the Apex Legends crashing pc issue. If you find the Apex legends crashing pc persisting, then please move ahead and try the next solution.

4. Graphic failures rendering Apex Legends freezing issue:

The issue can be traced down to the graphic drivers. It can even be the graphic issues related to the resolution. Let’s understand this.

Your games may see the crash, if the graphic drivers on your PC are outdated or need your concern somehow. You can easily update your device’s graphic drivers by following the steps here.

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Now, if you have, sometime, overclocked your monitor or graphic card, then stop doing that.  When we overclock the PC for better performance, after reaching CPU’s utilization to say 90%, the games may observe a crash. So avoiding overclocking is a solution to the Apex Legends Crashing pc.

5. Verify the integrity of the Apex Legends game file:

Apex Legends fix could be as simple as some missing file from the games folder. Yes! We will never know if we accidentally miss some files in the main folder. So get it checked by repairing your game files.

If you wish to see your Apex Legends crash fixed, then follow me!

  • Open the launcher and choose Apex Legends from the library.
  • Right-click on the Play button to open the dropdown list.
  • Choose the Repair option and get an Apex Legends crash fix just like that!
Apex Legends Crash fixed

Wonders of wonders, even if that doesn’t fix your excitement of the game then it’s not the end of the options anyhow. Try out the next.

6. Raise the priority of Apex

Sometimes, not running in priority, can kill the games! Try fixing the crash issue by setting the priority of your Apex Legends above normal and for the time being end unwanted running applications.

Read to know how you can set a higher priority to your game!

  • Launch Apex Legends.
  • Open the Task Manager, by pressing ctrl + alt + del.
  • Click on Details.
8 technique to Fix Apex Legends Crashing pc 2
  • Find Apex Legends and Right-click on it. In the dropdown list, set the Priority above normal.

7. Play as an Administrator

Certain processes in the game might need privileges more than that of a user. So try running the game as an administrator.

Run through the below steps and you will turn yourself an administrator.

  • Select Open file location by right-clicking on the game.
  • In the folder, right-click the .exe file and select properties.
apex legends crashing error
  • A compatibility option in the dropdown list will read as Run as administrator.
  • Select it, apply changes, and run the game.

I am sure, these steps would make you shout with joy and say,”Apex Legends Crash Fixed!”

8. Reinstall Apex Legends and start over

If all the above fixes don’t help you play the game without a crash, then the ultimate solution could be to just reinstall the Apex Legends game, altogether.

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Well, I have stated the simplest solutions that any gamer can easily adopt and keep the fun element enlightened. Here’s how your Apex Legends Crash, fixed all your anxieties! Try these solutions. I see you already fixing it!

8 technique to Fix Apex Legends Crashing pc 5
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