Amazon Halo Band-Price, Features, And All That You Need To Know!

Halo Band

Amazon has recently got into the market of fitness bands with it’s newly launched “Halo” band and we have got some details that you must know about!

From the time smartwatches or fitness bands were launched, the companies came up with something new in each and every update or new model. Some companies have even started tracking total sleep time and included ECG devices to track heart rhythms.

Nowadays, everybody is concerned about their health and these watches offer everything to update them about their daily schedules and training plans. Needless to say, they are even trendy to wear because of the look they offer.

Amazon’s tracker “Halo” can even track your mood! Yes, you read it right, Amazon has decided to keep it more interesting and exciting than the other ones. The device is priced at $99 for a limited period offer and can use its AI algorithms to analyze the tone of your voice. Check their new product Amazfit Band 5 Listed on Amazon; Comes With Integrated Alexa, SPO2 Monitoring & more.

It also contains a temperature sensor, accelerometer, a heart rate monitor and you will be surprised to know but no screen at all. The fitness tracking features like step tracking and pulse trends are also included in it.

The interesting “Tone Analysis” feature 

It even comes with microphones that are not for listening to your commands but for its most interesting feature called “Tone Analysis”. It analyses your tone with the help of these microphones.

At the time when you start setting up Halo initially, it gives you some quotes to read from the literature. It uses this information to understand how you speak in your day to day life. After it has been set up, the band listens to your voice and provides you a positivity score on the basis of your tone. 

It does so to help you better understand how you sound to others. Like maybe you thought you sounded affectionate but actually sounded bored. And with this feedback, in the future, you can do a better job of showing affection or complimenting others.

With Halo, you can make sure what people hear with their ears matches with what comes from your heart.

Overall, this tone feature has been designed to improve the way we communicate and change our mood. If the score is not high, it also suggests you some ways so that it can cheer up your speech pattern and as a result, your mood. 

The “No screen” feature

As there is no screen present it suggests that Amazon is trying to stand out from the other fitness trackers available. It is going to focus less on the training plans and more on lifestyle changes. 

Amazon Halo Band-Price, Features, And All That You Need To Know! 1

There is no distraction as there is no screen and its main focus is on your health so that you can focus on your life. The step tracking for the activity you have done can be seen on the Halo app and you don’t require a screen for that on your smart band.

Tracking your “Sleep” pattern

Better sleep is analyzed by the pattern of how you sleep. Halo analyses the quality and the quantity of your sleep. Then it provides suggestions from experts to help you sleep better like reducing liquids before going to bed etc. The health experts at Halo believe that good sleep is an important part of good health.

“Body Composition” feature

In the introductory video officially launched by Amazon for Halo, they say it rightly weight isn’t the best measure of Physical health.  Halo App uses smartphone cameras to analyze body fat percentages, a better indicator of health and BMI. The body scan images are automatically deleted from the cloud after processing. Then a personalized 3D model is generated which helps you in tracking progress. It uses this feature so that you can focus on your health and not just your weight.

“Labs” from Halo

Once you understand your habits, you can make informed choices to improve them. Halo Labs are challenges and experiments powered by experts to help you build habits for life! It offers some short challenges to improve your lifestyle and health like doing meditation, Improving sleep schedule, or some basic exercises.

Security Concerns Solved!

People have suggested that Amazon’s own devices like Alexa already listen to your voice and there’s nothing new in this device. But in response to this, the company has said that this device works on different algorithms that work throughout the day and it can be specifically triggered to listen to your voice for up to 30 minutes by pressing a button.

Amazon Halo Band-Price, Features, And All That You Need To Know! 2

You can also switch off the microphones that will turn off the “Tone” feature but it is one of the important features and turning it off is like not using the resource properly.

Some people might be concerned because of the voice recording feature but Amazon states that the security is proper and the voice recording would not be leaked. The company claims that all the voice recording that is done is integrated with the band and the app itself and it is not stored anywhere on the cloud.

Talking about Alexa’s voice-recording feature, You can access all your Alexa requests that you made by logging in to your Amazon account. 

Even though the company solved the issue of security by saying that the recordings are safe and secure, there is one more concern expressed by the people. The concern is that it is not always necessary that the algorithms can determine your speech pattern correctly. The tone of voice changes with respect to the health or the surroundings.


Amazon plans on expanding the association of the users with Halo Band.  The band costs $99 and the service which is required to use it costs $3.99 per month. It has plans of implementing the Points system which other Apps already have.

The tone feature would not matter much in scoring the points but overall results about your personality would be given on the basis of tones. Targets would be given and you have to fulfill it by either walking or running or doing some other physical activities. We have also made a YouTube video about this newly launched amazing fitness band “Halo”. Watch it here!

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