How to Play YouTube Videos on Repeat


YouTube finally decided to introduce the much sought after feature of looping the videos a couple of years back. You can watch YouTube videos on repeat which means you will be able to loop the same video over and over again.

If you are using your computer’s browser to loop a YouTube video, then it’s really straightforward to play a video on repeat. All that you need to do is:

  • Go to YouTube
  • Choose a video that you want to play on repeat and right-click on it (if you have a touch screen then long press on it)
  • Now from the drop-down menu, click on the “Loop” button

Smooth! Isn’t it? Your selected video will play on repeat unceasingly until you decide to turn off the loop button. To do so, right-click on the video again and uncheck the loop feature.

However, there are a couple drawbacks to this feature. First, it is applicable for only a single video at a time. You can play one particular video on repeat by selecting the loop option, but if you want to play other videos on repeat as well, then you have to select loop for them individually every time. Also, if the precise video features a pre-roll advertisement, then you will probably listen to it along with the video whenever it restarts.

Additionally, there is no option to select a particular section of the video that you can loop. In this way, if the creator of the video has included any introduction, it will also play along with the rest of the video again and again. Well, that can be really irksome. 

If the basic serviceability of the YouTube loop button is not enough for you, and you don’t want to wreck the fun by listening to the unwanted prelude, then fortunately there are some good substitutes. There are many third-party services that allow you to repeat videos on YouTube where you can select and play specific part of the video.

In this post we will discuss the two other methods to play on favorite YouTube videos on repeat using such third-party tools.

How to play YouTube videos on repeat with ListenOnRepeat


ListenOnRepeat has been designed just to loop videos. This is a great alternative if you trying to loop a video on a tablet or smartphone where you are not getting the loop option. 

With so much demand of the loop feature, ListenOnRepeat is quite a popular and trusted website among users.

Follow the below mentioned steps to put YouTube video on repeat using this website:

  • Go to YouTube and open the video that you wish to play
  • Click on the “Share “option below the video.
  • Click on “Copy” next to the video URL

That is it. ListenOnRepeat will play your chosen video on loop. If the video doesn’t start playing automatically for any reason, then you can scroll down to the search results and select a video manually.

If you want, you can also select a section of a particular video to be played on loop or let the whole video to repeat continually as per the default settings. ListenOnRepeat also allows you to search for video from its own search engine. For a website which doesn’t charge you anything for playing YouTube videos on repeat infinitely, that too on any device, ListenOnRepeat is indeed a great option for YouTube lovers.

The creators of ListenOnRepeat have also developed a Chrome extension where in you will get a “repeat” button for your Chrome toolbar. 

With the extension, you just have to go to YouTube and click on the “repeat” button to play the video of choice on loop. Check it out here.

While you are at it, you may want to give a try to other similar websites like and These websites too allow you to load multiple videos which can be looped infinite times.

How to play YouTube videos on repeat with an App

For an Android device, you can give a shot to Musepic which is available for free on Google Play Store. The application allows you to count your repeats too. If you prefer, the app offers in-app purchases to upgrade it for advanced features.


Once you download and install the app, just launch it and search for the video to play on repeat. Select your desired video from the search results and tap on the play button.

On the bottom right hand side of the screen, tap on “loop” and the video will play repeatedly. You can also loop only a part of the video using the drag bar.

Get the Musepic: Repeat YouTube Videos app from here.

If you are an iOS user, you can use these apps to repeat YouTube videos, both of which are available on App Store: 

That is all for now. Hopefully these methods work out for you and you are able to loop your favorite video without any hindrance.

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