A Complete Review of Heficed – The World’s Best Hosting Provider

Heficed is one of the foremost hosting and IP address leasing agencies in the world. With offices in the tech strongholds of Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Frankfurt, and Milan, it is one of the biggest and most successful web hosting businesses in the world. It has a system of cloud server hosting called the Kronos Cloud, which will let you manage and customize your servers down to the last detail. Here’s an in-depth review of Heficed and its various services.

Heficed review

Some of the Services Offered by Heficed

One of the most significant advantages that this firm offers to businesses worldwide is the sheer range of services. Basically, there are four main areas that this company works in. These are IP addresses, IP transit and bandwidth, server infrastructure, and server features and services. They have a very intensive list of services that they offer, all of which can be accessed by businesses worldwide for a very nominal pricing plan.

  • IP Addresses: Heficed is actually a pioneer in the field of IP addresses, IP leasing, and IP monetization. They were the first company in the world to set up an IPv4 market, which has been created to deal with the ongoing scarcity of IPv4 addresses. Businesses that cannot afford to buy IPv4 addresses can find addresses for rent on Heficed. Heficed also helps companies monetize any spare IPv4 addresses they have left by connecting them with interested renters.
  • IP Transit: Another area that Heficed is a pioneer in is IP transit, which is a service that allows businesses to access a global network through which their traffic can travel. All kinds of businesses need IP transit services, especially large companies with a lot of international business. Also, Heficed offers Tier 1 IP transit services, which means that it has an extensive global reach. With offices in all major continents, it is one of the most important transit providers.
  • Server Infrastructure: Heficed also has a hosting service, where they provide clients with a choice between dedicated bare-metal servers and Kronos Cloud virtual bare-metal servers. They are one of the largest hosting services in the world and can provide clients with hosting solutions on the same scale as Hostinger, Inter Server, and BlueHost. Their server machines are powered by Intel, and they also have a great technical support team always on standby. They’re a global superpower when it comes to servers.
  • Services & Features: Heficed also offers businesses services and features that will supplement their original plans. For example, they have Service Level Agreements/SLAs, which define the maximum time of support and the number of backups. Heficed also has its very own Application Programming Interface or API, which you can use for your own development projects. Heficed will also allow you to use the Heficed terminal, computing, and network provisioning tool applicable to your tech.

Why You Should Choose the Services Offered by Heficed

The reliability and speed offered by Heficed are unmatched by providers all across the globe. This is a provider that operates on the same scale as global providers like Hostinger. Here are the reasons why you need to take a look at the services offered by Heficed, whether you need a physical server, a virtual server, IP addresses for lease, etc.

Global Network of Servers

Heficed has grown since its inception in 2008 and now has access to server locations all over the world. This extensive global network of servers enables them to provide you with speedy and secure connections. You’ll be able to access all of the resources you need, ranging from processing speed to CPU. You can expect your site to load very fast, and the chances of downtime are also very small – almost 1% or less.

Sheer Scale of Customizability

One of the features that sets Heficed apart from all of its contemporaries is the versatile scale of customization that it allows. There are no preset plans with Heficed – you start from scratch and build a plan according to your needs. You can go through their options and pick out resources that you are interested in. The pricing plan of Heficed is customizable as well, which will depend on the plan that you make for yourself.

Scalability & Flexibility

Heficed’s services are totally scalable and flexible, which is a huge deal for all modern firms and businesses. Even the most basic plan that Heficed has on offer will provide you with access to 2048 unique IPv4 addresses. The IPs won’t be blacklisted as well since the company devotes a lot of time and resources to curtail IP abuse. The services offered by Heficed are flexible also since they provide a lot of opportunities for total automation.

Large Library of Resources

Many people say that Heficed can be an intimidating choice if you are new to hosting, IP transit, IP leasing, etc. While this is marginally true, people often forget that there is a huge library full of resources that is on offer for all the customers. They have literally everything on offer, ranging from business use cases, case studies, white paper, datasets, and more. This kind of information can make a huge difference for a business.

24/7 IT and Customer Support

Their IT and customer support teams are very proficient, and they will be able to handle your problem with ease. However, their SLA program makes it expensive for firms to get access to support immediately. The basic plan will provide you with support within 12 hours at no extra cost, but the enterprise plan will have you pay an additional 20% of the total service price. This amount is added to your monthly bill.

Final Thoughts

This has been a complete guide to the Heficed platform – as well as its numerous services. The benefits of using Heficed have been laid out, and you will find that the customizable pricing plan is a boon for small businesses. Take a look at their website and go through the testimonials so that you can choose a service.

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