12 Essential Photoshop Plugins for Better Designing Experience

Photoshop plug-ins are add-on software programs designed to provide additional image editing effects. They are used to perform specific tasks that may be hard to achieve using Adobe Photoshop alone. By using photoshop plugins you can perform a large variety of features in photoshop with great ease. Plugins provide enormous possibilities for designers to build up a perfect working environment

Here are the 12 must have plug-ins for Photoshop:

1. ColoRotate

ColoRotate is a 3D color editing plug-in for Photoshop and it makes photo editing a lot more exciting. This color-editing program is basically a 3D color editor and picker that allows us to see and present colors just the way the brain does. This Photoshop plug-in allows for real-time color editing.

2. DiskFonts

DiskFonts is a Photoshop plug-in that provide a quick way to preview, manage, compare and set up fonts within Adobe Photoshop.

3. Divine

Divine is a new and free Photoshop plug-in designed to convert Adobe Photoshop files into WordPress Variables. You do not need to have technical HTML knowledge to be able to effectively use this plug-in.

4. Virtual Photographer

Virtual Photographer is a free plug-in for Adobe Photoshop that allows application of high quality and skilled imagery styles to your digital photographs in one click. It comes with a lot of feature and it is user-friendly. The fact that it is free makes this a favorite of Photoshop users.

5. Perfect Effects 3

Perfect Effects 3 allows photographers to effortlessly stack various effects together to compose a unique result. This new version provides fresh blending options with the ability to restrict the effects to the specific tonal or color range of the image.

6. HotPixel

HotPixel is a Photoshop plug-in that designed for hit pixel noise reduction. Hot pixel noise is the colored dots that we see around a pixel in size. It occurs when a digital camera used for taking pictures used long exposure and it low light environment. The plug-in effectively detects and then removes those hot pixels without creating any degrading effects on the complete image detail.

7. Plug-in Switch

Plug-in Switch is a plug-in developed to disable and re-enable Photoshop filters without the hassles of uninstalling every time, making it a real time-saving tool.

8. Topaz Adjust

Topaz Adjust is an Adobe Photoshop plug-in that infuses the image with animated color and striking detail. This is a powerful tool that allows for easy recovery and enhancement of images. It lets you automatically enhance depth, local contrast and color. This is actually an essential tool for every photographer.

9. Alien Skin Blowup

Alien Skin Blowup is an Adobe Photoshop plug-in that keeps images crystal clear and vibrant during photo enlargement. This photo-editing tool creates sharper pictures even if you have to keep on resizing them.

10.  WireWorm

WireWorm is a free Adobe Photoshop plug-in designed to eliminate unwanted objects from the photographs and replacing them of elements that are more to your liking. By removing “wires” or unnecessary objects you are given the chance to finetune your images. It features unlimited undo and redo options.

11.   SuperPNG

SuperPNG is a free Adobe Photoshop plug-in developed to help Photoshop improve PNG handling. This photo editing tool give Photoshop a better PNG file handling ability for improved functionality. SuperPNG allows you to save PNG files into smaller sizes and it also has metadata saving options.

12.   Local Contrast Enhancement

Local Contrast Enhancement is an Adobe Photoshop plug-in that allows for increased local contrast while preventing the increase of global contrast. This tool protects large-scale highlight and shadowing detail. The use of this Photoshop plug-in produces images that are clearer and highly detailed. This works by controlling the amount of the increase in contrast, the size of the local area and the amount of blending with the original photo.

By using the above mentioned plugins, it is sure that you can create a much better photoshop working environment. Also you can make your work a lot easier by the effective usage of these plugins.

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