7 Incredible Alternatives to GarageBand for PC.

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    7 Incredible Alternatives to GarageBand for PC. 3
    Shivangi Kaushik
    She's a final year electronics and communication engineering student from Uttar Pradesh. A gregarious and outgoing personality since childhood , who enjoys interacting with people and is always open to a healthy discussion on any topic. She's affable and confident enough to share her perspective and is a keen listener. Being an ex ICSE student, communicating and writing came naturally to her, which helped her write for various technical and non technical pages on the social media platforms and websites. . She has been actively volunteering and participating in various zonal and state level technical and literary events. Music is the ultimate soothing factor in her life and she likes to paint and sketch in her free time. She sights an exciting and stable career in the fields of Marketing and Public Relations in future.

    Looking for Garageband for pc? we are here to provide you with some of the best alternatives to GarageBand for PC. Would you believe if I say that even you could create music quite similar to the one produced by some spectacular American musicians and singers, Steve Lacy, Rihanna, and T Pain to name a few of those?

    Well, GarageBand allows you to create your own music and podcasts. Developed by Apple, this music and podcast create allows its users to create multiple tracks with surplus pre-made features,a few of which are as follows:

    • MIDI keyboards
    • Pre-made Loops
    • Instrumental effects
    • Voice recordings.
    garageband alternatives for pc

    It’s a beginner-friendly,  powerful audio recording and editing software for MAC users. It’s easy to use, however, you might find yourself in dire straits during the initial stages of using this software in case you lack perfect guidance.

    Let’s enlist a few reasons why GB could be the perfect software for your music production requirements:

    • Recordings can be done using your PC’s microphone.
    • Allows you to create your own Ringtones.
    • Allows you to plugin your electric Guitar/bass, keyboard etc.
    • Enables sharing on iTunes.
    • Auto alignment of rhythms.
    • Sound quality is equivalent to that of a CD.
    • Burn songs onto CDs
    • Built-in metronome
    • Provides an automated mixer
    • Loop tracks

    In nutshell, it’s an all in one composing team where instead of 10 people playing different instruments to create music, all we need is this software to create great music. 

    But what if despite being a music enthusiast and GB enticing you to experiment with your music skills, you really can’t explore this software because you’re working on WINDOWS. 

    Hang on music lovers!

    Here are the best Garageband for PC alternatives.

    Put your minds at ease, because I’ll be sharing with you some incredible GarageBand alternatives for Windows.

    This article covers 7 best DAWs (DIGITAL AUDIO WORKSTATIONS) for WINDOWS along with the pros and cons associated with each of them. The reviews and ratings of these have also been enunciated so as to give a clear idea as to which one is best for you.

    Let’s get started.


    The software is all about creating music from song writing,remixing,live performance to recording . It’s famous among the live performers, thanks to its powerful features which include real time editing, live non-linear and flexible performance options.

    Pros of using ABLETON LIVE:

    • Advanced editing options which allow you to chop the sample by beat divisions.
    • The Color Customization from tracks,color clips, and pads to simplify the live performances, is just amazing.
    • Audio routing enables recording directly from PUSH without any interference to the flow.
    • Visual Feedback provides the entire information( including newer one)  from beginning to the very end of a recording, provides a stronger recording
    • Revampd layout allows you to program and play more progressive beats.
    • Popular live effects-grain delay, beat repeat,saturator,erosion,chorus and vinyl distortion.

    Cons of ABLETON LIVE:

    • Unavailability of track comping
    • No notation view 
    • Pitch can’t be fixed
    • Requires a large amount of prep work to be done if you’re performing live with this software.

    Ableton has become the best bet for musicians and artists across the globe and the frequency at which its popularity rose in recent years led to the launching of Ableton Live 10 with great anticipation. This is indeed a great option to redefine your music.

    Rating: 9/10

    Mixcraft 8 HOME

    The diverse library of Loops in GB allows the user to probe the field of digital music production. Likewise, the Mixcraft software allows you to choose and combine various loops using simple drag and drop features. This makes it one of the best competitors to GB.

    Pros of using Mixcraft 8 HOME:

    • Allows layering of multiple loops.
    • Provides a comparably brad loop selection in an indistinct environment, allowing the user to get up to speed quickly
    • Allows Live recording
    • Multiple plugins, sound effects and musical instrument effects to boost up your music are available..
    • User friendly; even a novice can get used to it.
    • Allows video editing

    Cons of using Mixcraft 8 HOME:

    • The home edition is limited to 16 tracks
    • Reduced set of instruments and samples
    • Less robust record,rip and burn features.

    Mixcraft is indeed a great substitute to GB and can definitely enhance your music.

    Rating: 9/10


    It’s a free, open-source, cross-platform music production suite. A powerful tool which is flexible enough to allow you experiment with your music in a number of ways.

    Pros of using LMMS:

    • Available for LINUX too
    • Free of cost
    • Allows you to sequence and compose music, mix and automate songs.
    • Simple interface
    • Piano Roll editor allows you to fine tune the chords, melodies and patterns.
    • Customizable Interface allowing you to import,edit and sequence both audio and MIDI.
    • Built-in audio samples, virtual instruments, and effects

    Cons of using LMMS:

    • No VST support for mac OS
    • Limited mixer setup
    • No audio recording

    Undoubtedly this software is too good to be free and can definitely be an option for the music lovers who’re having a tight budget.

    Rating: 9.5/10

    Music Maker JAM

    This software is for those who are more interested in playing with music for sort of fun and are not too serious about full-on music production.

    Unlike other softwares which we have read about  in this article till now, this one is available  on the Windows App store and can be easily downloaded from there.It is also available for Android and IOS.

    Pros of using Music Maker JAM:

    • Reasonable price, easy to use/learn/customize
    • Perfect option for beginners
    • Drag and Drop Functionality
    • Compatible with MIDI keyboards and drum pads
    • Includes Lots of Sounds/Loops – Drums/Bass/Leads/Melodies/Etc
    • Allows export to WAV/MP3
    • Expandable Sounds/Effects/Loops packs
    • Records vocal tracks over quickly built loops.

    Cons of using Music Maker JAM:

    • Limited features as compared to other DAWs(Digital Audio workstations)
    • Only the PREMIUM edition contains ALL functionality (other editions limited)

    Rating : 9.7/10


    The software is designed for the experts and professionals  who want to create some really good music using DAW. A certain level of knowledge is required when you are using this complex software.

    Pros of using REAPER:

    • Reasonable Price-Unlike its competitors like Ableton and Cubase which are having a cost of hundreds of dollars, this software is available with a license worth just $60 for personal use.
    • Impressive library for VST effects
    • Customizable UI skins for DAW
    • Lightweight and stable
    • Low CPU usage
    • Editing audio can be done on track
    • Can dit during recording
    • Easy to Read GUI

    Cons of using REAPER:

    • Boring layout
    • Difficult to us for beginners
    • Weaker plugins and effects as compared to other DAWs 
    • Clumsy MIDI editor,MIDI  latency is an issue
    • Closed source

    This is a professional LEVEL tool which can help you create some real good work.

    Rating: 9/10


    This is the most widely used DAW which is undoubtedly an excellent alternative to GB. It’s having a broad Functionality, with quite straightforward workflow. The fun associated with using this software is indeed its USP.

    Pros of using FL STUDIO:

    • Light memory footprint
    • Attractive interface which is based on vector, and supports 4K, multicolor and multi-touch configurations.
    • Excellent Loop tools
    • Pattern based MIDI COMPOSITION TOOLS
    • Easy to manipulate visual automation clips
    • Free updates for lifetime

    Cons of using FL STUDIO:

    • Inflexible audio recording
    • Built-in sound library could use some updating
    • Notation editor is lackinge music.It raises your creativity to the next level.

    This software is best suited to create some exceptional electronic dance music.

    Rating: 8.5/10


    This software has acquired considerable buzz among the professionals owing to its track recording,creating and mixing applications. It offers exceptional results of professional level which can attract all the music lovers from the very starting of your track.

    Pros of using Cubase:

    • Offers digital audio editing tools,music sequencer and MIDI.
    • Allows you to work on different genres of music
    • Robust plugin bundle.
    • Powerful mixer

    Cons of using Cubase:

    • High price
    • Dongle based hardware copy protection is old-fashioned.

    Rating: 9/10

    These are a few alternatives to GB which could allow the budding musicians to create their own music on Windows.


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