Choosing Headphones by Music Genre

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    Choosing Headphones by Music Genre 3
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    Choosing Headphones by Music Genre 1

    Unfortunately, the ideal headphones that can cope with any genre of music still do not exist. The most universal option is studio models, which emphasize purity and balance, but this is a rather boring sound. If you want to fully enjoy high-quality sound, then choose headphones to the genre of music that you like.

    Different genres are aimed at different categories of people. You may like loud and dynamic music, while your friends like slow and soft tunes. And of course, you have to choose headphones depending on what kind of music you like to listen to and headphones reviews on help in it.

    If you have ever listened to slow music with deep bass headphones, most of all you have had a negative experience. The musical happiness you crave so much will be destroyed right here. Ideally, each genre deserves to play with compatible headphones to get the best sound quality.

    Here are our collections of genre headphones for fans of rock, classical music, EDM / Bollywood, pop, hip hop, jazz, etc. love. Let’s do our best so that you are not disappointed after buying new headphones.

    Which headphones fit my favorite music genre?


    For example, rock lovers, it is well known that there are a large number of subgenres of rock music, so you need to choose universal headphones. You may come up with closed or open type headphones, or even in-ear headphones.

    This requirement, of course, works in the whole range, with intense energy, and without problems reproduces ordinary melodies. Capturing the smallest elements of your metal music is the most important feature of your headphones. An open back will give you a sense of space with an oily smooth upper and lower environment. Closed Back Headphones provide intense percussion and percussion and will not give you annoying looks from people sitting next to you.


    Listening to Jazz music needs the “clinical perfection” of the headphones, but with a rather soft sound if you want to experience the madness of Buddy Rich, but feel the love of Charles Barkley.

    You will need a headset with the softest mid frequencies you’ve ever heard, hard bass, fast and warm at the same time, and controlled highs. An open-type headphone would be preferable, but some closed earphones would also work.


    Classical music is at a very high level of complexity, where it reaches the perfect combination of bold, distinctive melodies with harmony to create beautifully rich symphonies and orchestral works.

    Classic is a genre that requires incredible clarity and great attention to detail are the key elements that should be in your headphones. Lower than usual equipment cannot do justice to this genre. You need neutrality, accurate visualization, and an extended soundstage.

    Since you will wear headphones for a while, if you listen to classical music, you want them to be comfortable enough to sit and enjoy. It is recommended that you use full-size, open-type headphones.

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