5 Reasons Email Marketing is Essential for Growing Your Writing Business

As a copywriting agency, it’s vital that your company is able to connect with past clients as well as to grow your subscription list to include new customers. While there are all sorts of ways to connect with your customers and to market your writing services, the best and most cost effective marketing method is to use email.

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Studies have shown that email is the preferred method of communication. In a fact, 1/3 of surveyed customers prefer email communications over print ads and social media. For this reason and endless others, you’ll want to invest your marketing dollars into email marketing.

Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons why you need email marketing to grow your writing business.

1. Turn Visitors Into Customers

In the age of thousands of websites, it’s crucial that you’re able to turn website visitors into long-term customers. With all of the effort you’ve put into designing your website and posting unique content, you want it to be noticed! While you may be receiving hundreds of unique visitors a day, the real goal is to turn them into customers.

Using email marketing you can turn visitors into customers. By offering an email list, you can give visitors the option to sign up for company communications. As people sign up, you can send messages that discuss your company’s values and products while also offering enticing deals that can convince daily visitors to make a purchase.

By sending emails you can nurture relationships, ensuring that when visitors are ready to make a purchase, they’re more likely to choose your company instead of a competitor.

2. Boost Website Traffic

On the flip side of things, you can also use email marketing to increase web traffic. Email is the ideal solution for driving people to visit your company website. In each of the emails you send to subscribers, be sure to include links to your website as well as a call to action that directs users there as well.

By driving traffic to your site, you’re able to keep your brand fresh in the mind of consumers while also boosting the chance of a visitor to make a purchase.

As an added bonus, you can also drive traffic to your social media pages. The more views and traffic your company-owned sites receive, the higher chance you have of landing new leads and repeat customers.

3. Improve Brand Awareness

We live in the age of sharing. People all over the globe love sharing content that they like with family members, friends, and even professional colleagues. When people feel as if others will benefit from the content, they’re most likely to share it.

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While social media is typically the go-to for creating share-worthy content, email marketing can also be used. By delivering valuable information to your email subscribers, you may find that some of your company emails are being forwarded to those outside your current set of customers.

To convince users to share emails, be sure to use a call to action that encourages them to share the email. In turn, offer some sort of reward, like a discount or exclusive content after 5 email forwards. You can find a lot of creative ideas for emails by signing up for newsletters and emails in your niche, as well as downloading different email marketing funnel guides to find what format will work best for your company.

Through email marketing, you can increase brand awareness to a new audience while also extending your business’ reach.

4. High Availability of Email Marketing Services

If you’re planning to use email marketing, you’re likely well aware that doing so using Gmail or some other top name email platform likely won’t do the trick. By knowing how to compare email marketing services, you can have access to automated processes and metrics that allow you to shape a campaign that’s effective.

Thanks to the dozens of high quality email marketing solutions, email marketing doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. Instead, you can enjoy automation, customizable templates, auto-responders, and other functionality that makes email marketing a breeze.

5. Establish Customer Loyalty

Not only can email marketing be used to gain new customers and to boost company revenue, it’s also a powerful solution for establishing brand advocacy and customer loyalty. By sharing customer testimonials or highlighting reviews from user-generated content, you can reinforce the idea that your company cares and appreciates its customers.

Browse social media and email messages often to see what followers and customers are saying about your brand. In turn, find stand-out content that would make for a killer email message.

By including raving customer reviews in your emails, it shows that there are happy customers and that a new customer can too reap the benefits of your product.


These 5 reasons for using email marketing just scratch the surface of the benefits of using emails to improve brand awareness, boost visibility, and to grow your consumer base. If you want your writing business to be successful, communicating with your audience is a must.

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