5 Most Fantastic Websites to Send Free Fax website On Internet Worldwide

Fax is something that we absolutely love. In spite of many new advanced techniques, fax lovers like you and we have continued to use fax in the present time as well. Hence, there can be no denying the fact that fax is still alive and steady.

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Fax is a notable method of communication and since its arrival until this day, it has never died. People use faxing because it’s the only way to which they can entrust their important documents. Faxing is a reliable and trustworthy method to convey your official files. And if you didn’t know, more than a billion faxes are delivered every single year. These large numbers are just due to the security benefits provided by fax.

In the present day, masses of people use faxing if they need to send some official archives. You might be wondering the reason behind it, right? Well, these people are not doing it the old way and in fact, they have a new and improved method to fax your documents. They no longer use faxing machines or any other hardware like paper, toner or ink, etc.

Faxing is nowadays been done through the internet. Yes, the internet has replaced the huge bulky fax machines and is a powerful advancement in the faxing world. People all over the world are loving this new way and I’m sure you will too. Here, in this guide, you will know all there is about this new method of faxing over the internet and the way through which it’s done.

Here we have the top best free fax websites to help you fax over the internet anywhere you want.

Part 1: CocoFax – The Ultimate Best Site To Fax Over The Internet

We present to you, CocoFax. CocoFax is the world’s number one free fax websites that lets you fax through the internet. CocoFax provides you with this free fax number with which you can fax locally as well as globally. In simple words, it’s the best.

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CocoFax has exclusive features that make faxing over the internet or online faxing complete ease. These super cool and wonderful features provide the best free fax services of online faxing in an effective way. That is why CocoFax is used by over a million people across the world. CocoFax is the fantastic websites having this huge client base.

CocoFax and its exclusive features have also been high lightened by top media brands like Toms Guide, TechRadar and the New York Times, talking about only a few. These news sources have highly praised CocoFax’s works and have also high recommendations for it.

About CocoFax, here’s some research that can help you know more of its international faxing feature. And now, let’s move on to the reasons which make CocoFax the best and fantastic websites for all and the choice of every fax lover to fax over the internet.

bestfreefax- free fax websites-fantastic websites

Reasons Which Make CocoFax The Ultimate Best

Well, all of its features are superb and when combined, make it the best. And if we start writing all of them, it will definitely exhaust you. So here we have put only a few of them in front of you.

30-Day Free Trial

CocoFax fantastic websites offers a unique 30-day free trial feature for which no payment or credit card info is required. It’s completely free to sign-up. Through this trial, you can fax anywhere you want and you won’t be charged anything. Send a local or any international fax, you will not have to pay any cent for it.

Through this free trial, you can try out its services for free for a whole month. This way you get to know it more. You can get this free trial started by visiting this fantastic websites and clicking on the ’30-day free trial’ option. You will also have to provide your email and set a password.

bestfreefax- free fax websites-fantastic websites

Free Fax Numbers

It’s not just the month that’s free, the fax number is also free with CocoFax. Yup, you get to have a fax number completely free of cost and can be used for local as well as international faxes.

bestfreefax- free fax websites-fantastic websites

Fax number is very important for faxing. In the past times, it was not easy to get one. But with CocoFax, it’s more than easy actually. You just enter your email address and you will get your fax number on it.

Custom made Fax Numbers

When you get a fax number that is not at all easy to remember and also does not match your company codes, this is really troublesome. To save you and all the fax lovers from this trouble, CocoFax has introduced this feature of custom fax numbers through which you can create your own fax number.

With CocoFax, you can choose a fax number according to your needs and this will be a big help for you.

24/7 Customer Care

As you know, good customer care is what makes a firm successful and CocoFax has implemented this. The customer care department of CocoFax is outstanding. It takes care of all the customer needs in an effective way.

Whatever your query may be, whatever time it may be, you can always contact the customer care service of CocoFax that is readily available and get help.

Part 2: RingCentral

On the second spot fantastic websites, is RingCentral. It is another good faxing site that can help you to fax to a local as well as a foreign place. After CocoFax, it is the second-best free fax websites that can assist you in faxing over the internet.

You can transfer as well as get all the faxes to and from anywhere in the world. It is the best free fax website that will work effectively.

Part 3: FaxFile

Here is another best free fax website that works effectively in faxing over the internet. FaxFile is just for Android gadgets. Moreover, it is limited to just sending faxes. The work of receiving faxes cannot be done through it, keep it in mind when using it.

Where sending the faxes is concerned, there are many services and highlights offered by FaxFile in this area. A troublesome aspect is that you will need to get fax credits through Google Play in case you use FaxFile. These fax credits are not free, you will have to pay every time you send a fax.

Part 4: Fax.plus

Fax.plus is a ‘just ok’ faxing site that can help you in sending as well as receiving faxes both locally as well as internationally. It also gives you a fax number for this purpose. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking but no, you cannot make your own fax number with FaxFile as you can do with CocoFax.

It also has incorporated the feature of email faxing that allows you to fax through the mail. But the feature is not much efficient or effective as the clients complain about it every now and then.

Part 5: Faxburner

On the last, we have Faxburner. It can be used once or twice and not more because it is not as efficient as the best free fax websites of our list.

Coming towards its working, Faxburner provides you with a fax number when you need to send or get a fax. However, this fax number is not permanent, it just stays with you for a day. Well, this feature is not useful at all because big firms and professionals need to have a lasting fax number that is permanent.


The best free fax websites are here. Now it is up to you to pick the most suitable one. We recommend that you use CocoFax as it is an all-in-one faxing solution and is the ultimate best in all of the world. 

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