6 Quick Fix To Solve Adobe Illustrator Error “An Unknown Error Has Occurred”

adobe illustrator

Have you been through this? After the full completion of your task in Adobe Illustrator, it shows your file is corrupted. It is quite a frustrating moment when this notification pops up. Even with the latest version, an error occurs with the message of “An Unknown Error Has Occurred”. But it’s okay to have such an error, all you need is a perfect resolution for this. In this article we’ll be discussing several solutions for fixing the saving error of files in adobe Illustrator.

How to fix file saving errors in Adobe Illustrator?

saving error

Here we will mention six methods via which you will be able to solve the saving time errors. So, let’s discuss all the methods one by one:

First Solution: Command Prompt:

  • Firstly, launch the Illustrator in your system.
command prompt
  • Now Click on Cmd + K for opening the preference
keyboard shortcut
  • Navigate to File Handling & Clipboard
file handling
  • Here you have to uncheck the box named “Optimize file Open and Save Time on Slow Network”
optimize file open
  • Click OK and finally try to save your file

Second Solution: Save In Background

  • Launch the Illustrator like before.
  • Then after opening the preference by clicking Cmd+ K, navigate to File Handling & Clipboard
  • Finally uncheck the box named Save in background and click OK

Third Solution: Upgrading RAM:

As you all know that Adobe Illustrator is a memory consuming software, you might face the issue of your files not getting saved. In order to overcome that problem you have to enhance your RAM. Other than that check if the unnecessary programs are still running in your system or not. If it is on, then stop the process since it acquires a lot of memory.


Fourth Solution: Saving File With New Name

This is another easy peasy solution for fixing your saving  issue in Illustrator. You can save the document with a fresh new name which will generate the same file with non-corrupted patterns, gradients and fonts. Using this process is the same as rebooting your system, you can try that also. Lastly, check out if that method helped you out or not. 

saving new file

Fifth Solution: Cleaning Up The File:

Since it is a memory depleting program, the unessential elements present in your document can increase the size, which in turn will lead to file corruption. What to do then? Well, you can try to delete all the trash matters like the duplicated elements, sketches, and many others.

clean up

There is also a hidden layer available where it might happen that you have stored some custom brushes or other elements too. You can save all these elements in another document by copy and pasting, in this way some space will be freed up and then you can easily save the file.

Sixth solution: Transferring it into fresh Document:

It’s so troublesome that after completing your project you are not allowed to save it because of the visibility of corrupted file notification. There is one way to conquer this issue and that is transferring it to a new document.


Initially you have to copy all the elements that you have inserted or used in your project, then paste them into a fresh new document. Now save the document and check if you can open and edit it again or not.


This is all the best possible ways by which the users can get rid of the constant saving errors that they face while saving their projects in the Adobe Illustrator. We hope that you are able to sort out the problem. If you have any more successful solutions for this issue, then you can share with us by commenting down below which can be helpful to others.

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