4 Ideas Where to Get Good Flutter Developers for Hire

Flutter is a relatively new mobile app development SDK that simplifies the process of designing and building a mobile application. However, this power comes at a price: the demand for Flutter developers for hire is exceptionally high. But how to hire Flutter developers if it is so hard to do so?

flutter developers

But don’t worry. In this article, we’ll teach you where to hire Flutter developer and not regret it. 

But why hire Flutter apps developers?

Before you hire a Flutter developer, you need to see some of the benefits of this cross-platform framework. You’d be impressed.

Single codebase

Flutter has a unique architecture that allows developers to use the same codebase to create native mobile apps for both Android and iOS from a single language, Dart. This means less time is spent on maintenance, testing, and bug fixing, and more time can be spent making your app better and better.

Reduced time and costs

Flutter can save businesses time and money by offering a single codebase for both iOS and Android apps. With it, companies can reduce development time by 50%, as well as save time and money on maintenance. Developers can use the same language to program for both operating systems, which makes cross-platform development much easier.

Where to hire Flutter developers from?

There are plenty of places to find high-class Flutter developers. Let’s see which are the options.

Use LinkedIn for recruitment

When you’re looking for talent, you don’t necessarily need a platform where high-performing candidates can be found — all you need is LinkedIn. With its automatic sync feature, which automatically matches your candidate’s resume to your job description, you can find the ideal candidates faster and more efficiently. The best part of LinkedIn is its talented pool of professionals who are open to making their talents work for you.


Freelancers are a great, low-cost option for hiring high-quality talent. However, it’s important to remember that you might occasionally be hiring from talent platforms that aren’t completely transparent, which can make it difficult to filter through the good developers from the bad. This can mean that you hire and end up with a developer who isn’t suited for the position or simply doesn’t work out — resulting in strained communication and an unhappy project outcome. There are three main platforms for finding talent.

  • Fiverr – this is a good place if you want a very cheap developer. You can get good deals for as little as $5. Well, not really. You can get a good option within $15-20 per hour. Reliability-wise, Fiverr isn’t the best thing out there, to be honest.
  • Upwork – Upwork is the most popular freelance marketplace. It attracts many Flutter developers who want to make some additional money. One small problem with Upwork is you can find some subpar performers. But the bigger issue is that developers on the platform often choose more expensive projects and could abandon yours.
  • Toptal – Toptal has the reputation of an impeccable platform, as it accepts only 3% of freelance talent. This way, the website can filter only the best performers. It’s a very reliable marketplace, but the price you pay is premium.

In-house developers

Hiring an in-house developer can mean significant savings for brands and small businesses. However, companies must be aware of the costs of employee benefits (social security, state disability insurance, paid sick and vacation time) and corporate taxes. The more time your in-house developer spends on projects, the bigger your savings will be. However, for huge one-off projects, they might be an inefficient option since the in-house developers need to be onboarded.


When building a Flutter app, it’s easy to overlook the importance of building excellent customer support. Many companies think that a superior product will sell itself, and this isn’t always the case — you need to keep in touch with your customers after they’ve made their purchase because you’ll never know when a problem might come up. Agencies with in-house developers can offer this kind of continuous support while giving you a similar freelancer price.


If you want to hire Flutter developers, you might find it easy. However, ensure you spend enough time on research before you shoot; otherwise, you might overspend or end up with a mediocre app if you go cheap.

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