35 Unique and Amazing Zoom Games That You Must Try Out With Your Student


This  COVID pandemic has led us to switch on to the online mode. We as adults can do our work efficiently and with concentration. But for the kids, they find these online classes quite exhausting. Here’s Zoom which has initiated the best entertaining as well as brain developing games, so that they don’t get monotonous with their continuous study. In this article you’ll find the list of games and joyful activities that you must introduce them with and make your session more engaging.

Top 35 Zoom Games That You Must Try

So let discuss the games in detailed version that is available in Zoom:

The A-Z Game:

A to Z

This is quite a cool game for the kid to play and learn simultaneously. In this game students are assigned a topic, and then they have to come up with the number of possible words. They can also use one word in alphabetical order. Let’s give you a hint of the game: Suppose the topic is of animals: A for Alligator; B for Bear; C for Cat; D for Dog.

Guess the Sound:

guess the sound

This game can contribute to enhancing the listening skill of the students. All you have to do is play the sound and ask the student to listen to it carefully. Then record their response all together and play it in the end. I think the kids will definitely love this game, so give this a try.

Would You Rather:

would you rather

It will help you to upgrade the interaction between you and kids. You can ask the kinds of funny or interesting questions that they’ll like to answer. Some questions that you can ask are:

Would you rather be a police or doctor?

Would you rather like to dance or sing?

Would you rather want the weather to be snowy or rainy?

I Spy:

i spy

It is fascinating games for the kids to be played with. You just have to spot out something in your background or other student’s background and then have to say I spy black. After that they have to identify the objects. For example: I spy black object in Jack’s background which is soft in texture.

Logo Quiz:

logo quiz

You can play this game with higher standard students. In this game you can use the logo of some brands and companies, and they have to identify it. This will motivate and encourage the student to search all these logos and gain the knowledge about it.

Whose Weeknd:


Students have to write down the list of activities that they did on the weekend and send that in the teacher’s private chat. After the completion of this task by all the students of the class, the teacher will read out in front of everyone. Now the students have to guess whose activities they are.

Stone, Paper, Scissor:

stone, paper, scissor

We all have physically played this game, so the kids will be very comfortable with this one.The positive part is that this rock, paper, scissor game can also be played online. You can pair up the students into teams and initiate the game:



This is quite a refreshing game and a new game that I guess only few of us know. I like this game too because besides playing it also elevates your vocabulary. In this game, one player has to think of a word and let their rival know how many letters there are while the other has to identify it. Each time you lose the opportunity, one drawing part of the hangman gets highlighted. 

Zoomed In:

zoomed in

The students have to record their responses for the zoomed in photos. After the whole class has done it, share the recorded responses with them. The one with the most correct guesses will win the game.

Mad Gab:

mad gab

This is a game of puzzled words where if it is said fluently then it doesn’t make any sense. But when it is said in a slow tone then you will be able to figure out the actual phrase. For example: Ease Ace Life Ox: He’s a sly fox



This is a fun and challenging game at the same time. Kahoot is a multiple choice quiz game which works on the specifications provided by the mentor. It is a brainy game which will help you to have fun and gain knowledge synchronously

Odd One Out:

odd one out

This is a simple and interesting game where the kids separate the odd one out from the list of items of a particular category. It will help the kids to know why the item is being omitted out from the particular section. Example: peach, apple, banana, snake: where the snake is left out from that category of fruits.



This is a game of hand gestures where you don’t have to use any words. You can use signs to indicate particular things and the other kids have to identify them. This is a great game for upgrading your vocabulary or the concepts taught in your class



Pictionary can be played with the entire class at a time. All you have to do is to create teams. One student will draw an image on the screen while the students of other teams will identify it. The winner then will be allowed to draw next. This game can be played in both online and offline mode.

  1. Sharks and Fish:

Here the two groups named Shark and fish are put into action. In this game the fish has to allow the sharks and mimic their actions. This will be great fun for the kids to play and stimulate their brain cells. You should try this out.

Person, Place or Thing:

shark and fish

These interesting and brain kicking games are very useful and entertaining for the kids. All they have to do is start off with the A alphabet and name the person ( you can even expand to living things in this section), place, thing with the same letter. While the other player can start with the letter B. This can be continued till the player reaches the letter Z. 


tic tac toe

It is quite a famous game among children. This is probably one of the games to play on zoom with students. You can pair up the students with other students of the class. They can select their sign and can compete with each other by creating horizontal, vertical or diagonal rows. The winner of this round will become eligible to play with other students.

At Home Scavenger Hunt:

scavenger hunt

The Zoom has the perfect game for engaging the students in being a detective for a while. Allow them to find the items and at the end ask them to share their findings.  The ZOOM scavenger Hunt available on Zoom is the ideal option for this game. 

Freeze Dance:

freeze dance

You can even conduct this cheerful activity on Zoom with your students. You can play songs and they have to dance. Now as soon as they pause the song they have to stay frozen, the student who fails to do that will be disqualified. 

The Name Game:

the name game

This is great for teachers who can know how much their student has grasped the concept at the end of the day or not. The teacher can insert the name on the digital whiteboard and the students have to name the other three that were taught on that day. Try out this fabulous game for boosting  up the brains of your students.



This is a game creation space where the teachers can create multiple choice, question answer, puzzles, true or false and jumbled words for the students based on several academic topic of different subjects like science, English , history and others



This is another brain and mind refreshing games to play on zoom with students. You can create the words with the help of the adjacent alphabets. The winner will be the student with the longest word. 



 You should try this game because of its cool features. I can assure you that kids will love this game and it is even very captivating. Here the students have to answer the questions and in return they will be able to earn money. This collected money can be useful in buying up the shield and power ups so that they can protect themselves from the competitors.



In this game the students will have to name the elements with the recommended letters and the category provided to them within a certain period of time. They can type their answers in the chat selection of Zoom and send it when the time ends.



Conversation is one of the required skills which everyone should have. But this pandemic has become the hurdle in the path of interaction. So in order to provoke that skill, you can initiate this game in your session. You can ask your students some interesting and funny questions.

20 Questions:

20 question

Firstly select the topic on which the questions should be used. It can be of places, events, or other. Then the students. One student can be assigned the task of keeping the tract of the number off questions asked.

5-Second Rule:

5 sec rule

This is quite a brain awakening game where the students have to answer the questions within 5 seconds. The question can be naming 2 animals, or science fiction books, movies and other. they have to name objects or items according to the asked categories. 

Heads or Tails:

head n tail

You have to ask the students to decide head or tail and then flip the coin. If heads come then that team wins while the tail one gets disqualified. You have to now continue the same process with others too. In this way the remaining student with the head wins.

Two Truths or lie:

truth and lie

 This is a great game for the kid to play in teams. In this, each student is asked to tell two truths and one lie about themselves, while the other team has to detect which of the following statements is a lie. In this way the students will get to know each other more.

 Where in the World:

where in the world

 Geoguessor is also the best platform for the kids to play and gain knowledge. Here the students can study about the theoretical concepts of the places around the globe. Then they have to select the right answer. Play this game with the link presented below

Word Association Games:

word association

This can turn out more appealing  for the kids. Along with playing games they will also be able to recapitulate the older concepts. You can start with a word and then they have to say the associated words with it. You can even play this game in offline mode too.

Simon Says:

simon says

This body movement game is loved by the kids and can also be conducted by the teachers to see who is alert in the class. The teacher says” Simon says to stand up” or “ Simon says to wave your hand in the air” and after that the students have to follow the instructions and do it accordingly.

Digital Escape Rooms:

digital escape rooms

You can use this game to enhance the skills of your student. Here the student can give a test where the teacher can include all the important steps, points, facts or ideas required in order to master it. You can create the number of rooms as you desire. 



To play, please use the keywords above and the tips for taboo words listed below. The goal of the game is to allow players to challenge their teammates to guess as many keywords as possible in 60 seconds without saying any prohibited words listed below. 

Compound Word Quiz:

compound word

Check out this awesome game for your students. You can keep students engaged in grammar classes by helping students learn words and phrases in a unique way related to games. After this interesting word game, let students develop their own compound words to share with the class.

All these games are considered as the ideal games to play on zoom with students. Try out these games with the link mentioned along with the game description. I hope this article was successful in providing you with a filtered list of oceans of games available. You can definitely they this game and also recommend other teachers too.

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