The Way You Tweet Is About To Change

The way you tweet is about to changeAlthough Twitter sticks to its 140 character counts, but will not count usernames and URLs. Yes, Twitter soon will allow its user to make use of full 140 character counts with user handles and media attachments excluding the username and URLs from its character count.

This feature is a part of its plans to revamp the platform as mentioned in May. According to reports from the verge, two separate people who are closely working on this matter have confirmed the news of Twitter will not use username and URLs in the 140 character count.

Twitter users have been asking for this feature for a long time now, however, many of the users are complaining although user handle and media attachments are not taking up ‘space’ the 140 character count is yet short enough.

Nick Robinson tweeted: “this is literally more exciting than Christmas to me. In past, the users were only able to retweet others but now they can even retweet themselves. Just like how Facebook shares our past memories, similarly, a Twitter user now has an option to retweet something they have tweeted years ago or can even add more contexts.

Other revamp from the new platform is the drop out of dot, which is necessary to use before user’s username – if they want the tweet to be seen by everyone. Another feature added will be allowing replies to be broadcast to all followers.

We are sure Twitter users are eager to check out the new features coming up in the revamp of the platform and they are going to be amazing.

This post has been contributed by Vidhi Puri.