10 Proven Instagram Trending Tips

10 Proven Instagram Trending Tips 1

Instagram is one of the blazing social media platforms right now. It was launched in 2010. At that time it was just an app to add unique filters to your pictures and sharing them with your friends. But now it has numerous advanced features. It has over 800 million active users monthly. Social media is a great way to reach more and more people. 

People use instagram for personal use (for sharing pictures and videos with friends) as well as to market their businesses. Instagram is also a great place for ecommerce businesses. Most business entrepreneurs prefer instagram to help grow their businesses. Instagram is a profitable tool that can be used by both startups and well established businesses because; this is the place where you can attract number of customers. 

Here I am going to tell you instagram trending tips which can help you get more likes and followers. If you are an ecommerce business then you can grow your business with the help of these tips. 

Posting at the right time: 

Whenever you are planning to post a photo or video one thing you have to keep in mind is the time zone of your audience. Do a little research to find out; at what time they login usually. Most instagram users are online in the morning and in the evening when they are returning from their work, college or school. Understand your target audience and then post by keeping their schedule in mind. It will help you reach more target audience. 

Interesting photo captions: 

If you are an active user of instagram then you must know the importance of caption. An eye catching caption attracts people. So make sure you put an attractive caption under your photo or video. One of the top ways to get more likes on your post is ask a question in your caption. In this way you can easily drive both likes as well as comments. 

Trending Hash tags: 

Hash tags (#self-love, #fashionista, #relationship etc.) are something which is more relatable to instagram. If you are not using trending hash tags, it means only your followers can see your posts. Hash tags help your profile reach more audience. If you want to reach more audience, use 10-15 appropriate hash tags. Trending hashtags can help you get more likes on your posts, more followers and also more sales. You can try more trending hashtags from the Instagram marketing agency

Use other apps: 

Use best photo editing apps (you can also consider instagram apps) to increase the quality of your pictures before posting on instagram. There are so many apps which are very easy to use. You can try Instaframe (free app to create amazing photo collages), Squaready (instagram lay outer that allows you to crop your picture in the shape of a square) and Picfx (it has 100+ frames, effects and textures to choose from).

Collaborate with instagram celebrities: 

If you are a new business or small business (product based) and you want to take the advantage of instagram. Conspire with instagram celebrities. These celebs have huge fan following and have excellent online influence. They can help you introduce your brand to their followers. Ask them to mention your account or brand in their posts or videos. It will definitely help your brand build a relationship with large number of people.

Don’t disregard the bio part: 

You know, bio is an important part of your instagram page. It leaves the first impression on your viewers. Make appropriate use of this space to feature branded hash tags, web links and a call to action. If your bio is impressive people will show interest in your page or business and start following you. 

Stay consistent: 

No matter what is your page about, make sure to stay consistent. If you are a brands or business make sure to post regularly to stay tuned with your followers. If you have a personal instagram profile then also you should post regularly to stay engaged with your followers. If you are not consistent, your followers will unfollow you.

Create a schedule: 

Create a posting schedule for example post daily or post every second day or fix some days to post. Your followers wait for your content. So, in this way your followers will be hooked with your content. You can’t grow if you are not able to maintain this type of consistency because every post is like a chance to grab new followers.

Post pleasing and sharable content: 

Your content should be interesting and relatable but it should also be beautifully likable and sharable. Nobody is going to screenshot your post if your watermark is covering the whole stuff. Nobody would love to share that kind of content which means, nobody will promote your content. When somebody reposts your content they are actually growing your account.

Pay attention to your stories: 

Stories part is very important for your content planning. Right now the stories symbolize a clear preference for instagram. The stories part of instagram contains so many innovative features which you can use to enhance the quality and attractiveness of your content. You don’t need to burnish your stories, just keep those regular and interesting.

Add more videos: 

Instagram videos are as successful as stories. No one can disagree that visual content is always compelling. Videos are the elite tool to boost the amusement value of your feed. Innate instagram apps such as hyper lapse and boomerang are great for making bite sized videos. 

Interact with your followers: 

Don’t ignore your devoted followers who like and comment on your photos regularly. Make them feel loved and valued. Reply their comments and checkout their profile and like their posts.  


Instagram is an incredible platform around the globe. Above mentioned tips are well tested. If you are using instagram for personal use then above mentioned tips can help you build large following. If you are using instagram for business purpose then these tips can help you promote your brand and enhance your sales. 

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