Why Fast Business Broadband Speeds Are Critical During Covid

Why Fast Business Broadband Speeds Are Critical During Covid 1

We can all agree that the pandemic is really changing the way we are currently living. With the restrictions imposed all over the world and the inability to go out as often as we would like, people are increasingly turning towards the Internet not only for entertainment, but also for fulfilling some of their basic needs, such as groceries shopping and similar. In other words, we are just now beginning to realize what it actually means to be living in the digital world.

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All of that has led to businesses starting to think more carefully about their broadband speed. In case you aren’t familiar with this term, let me quickly explain it. Essentially, broadband speed determines how much time it will take for users to upload and download certain content while using a specific internet connection. It is measured in megabits per second and I am sure that you have seen it somewhere.

What does this all have to do with the Covid pandemic? I suppose that this is what you are wondering right now, so let me give you a few reasons why you need to think about this now more than ever. In other words, let me explain why fast business broadband speeds are critical during Covid and how the current situation in the world will change the way you look at broadband for good.

More Users Require More Speed

It’s pretty clear that people are increasingly using the Internet for their daily activities. Say you are running a business and you want all your employees to be productive while they are, for example, working from home, or even from the office, connected to a network that all of your staff is using. I assume that you do want them to be productive and broadband speeds can definitely increase their productivity be increasing the speed of their downloads and uploads. As you can see here, as traffic increases, the speed can decrease and it’s clear that the traffic is increasing enormously these days.

Quick Data Sharing

Let’s stick to the topic of productivity for a while. Your employees will have to share certain files and data from time to time among one another and that can be extremely difficult if they have to wait for ages until those files are properly uploaded and shared. You can see how that affects productivity in a negative way and I assume you can also see how fast broadband can change that for the better.

Why Fast Business Broadband Speeds Are Critical During Covid 2

Better User Experience

Now, let us turn towards the customers and focus on their particular experience. We all know that people are impatient and if you aren’t giving them what they want, they will quickly turn towards other service providers. After all, since they are all now sitting around their homes, locked due to the pandemic, they have the time to search for different providers of the same services you are offering.

If, however, you make sure that your services are swift, speedy and of great quality, there’s no doubt that those consumers will stick with you. Simply put, you have to give people perfect user experience if you want them to stick with your particular business instead of going to your competitors. No user experience can be great without fast broadband.

Improved Performance

As you can see if you check out Fibrus broadband NI or similar ones, the whole point of increasing this speed is in actually improving the performance of your sites, apps and services you offer. This is especially important to people when it comes to delay-sensitive services, such as gaming and online gambling. It’s only logical that users don’t want to experience lags and delays while playing their live games or gambling with their money online. Imagine how frustrating that is.

Increased Reliability

Now, let us conclude with offering you a reason that is important both for your business and your customers. Would you rather have a secure and reliable connection or one that comes with many flaws? I suppose that the answer is perfectly obvious. Fast broadband comes with increased reliability, which is of huge significance to your productive employees and your loyal customers. 

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