What is CarPlay and how does it work?

CarPlay is a new feature from Apple that will allow you to use your iPhone as a hands-free interface to your car. CarPlay is a handful of applications that you can use in your car, and it is displayed on a screen in the dashboard that is similar to the ones you use on your phone. For example, you can use music, control the car radio from your phone, see directions, calendar, and messages.

What is CarPlay

If you still don’t know what it is exactly, we’ll explain what you need to know about Apple’s Carplay. When it comes to driving, Carplay becomes the safest and most innovative way to use your iPhone.

What does it consist of?

Carplay is an application that allows you to access the information stored on your iPhone through the central screen of your vehicle. With Carplay, you can visualize the options you can run on your iPhone on the integrated screen of your car while keeping your eyes on what you must: on the road. You don’t have to reach for your phone to use it minimizes distractions, making driving a safe activity.

How does it work?

To keep your eyes and your hands on the wheel, Carplay turns to Siri, Apple’s intelligent assistant. Through Carplay, you can ask Siri-using voice control for what you need from your iPhone. However, if your car is not autonomous or has voice recognition technology, you can still navigate Carplay using the touch screen on your dash or the buttons on the console or the steering wheel. Another detail that you should know is that your iPhone screen will lock when Carplay is activated.

The interface is easy to use, with the classic large icons, recognizable by any iPhone user. However, it is essential to mention that Carplay is not part of the vehicle’s configuration. So, you will have to exit the app to make other types of adjustments, such as changing the radio station or controlling the temperature.

These are some of the functions of your iPhone that you can enjoy through Carplay while driving:

Answer calls: With the help of Siri, Carplay allows you to make calls, return missed calls and listen to voice messages. It can even “say” out loud the name of the person calling you while keeping your eyes and your hands where they should be: on the wheel.

Read, reply and send text messages: You can read the text messages sent to you. Then you can listen to them through your car speakers because Siri reads them to you. You can also reply and send text messages simply by dictating them. Siri even tells you the text message to send and corrects it, if necessary. You can also send voice messages using the speakers, of course.

Listen to music stored on your iPhone: With the Apple Carplay radio, you can access the music files on your phone, whether in iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, or in audio applications with controls integrated into your vehicle. You can also ask Siri to put the song you want to listen to. The search can be by song, by author, or by album. In addition, with the Carplay, you can see the name of the song you listen to and the name of the next song.

Receive and send WhatsApp messages: Through Siri and a few simple voice commands, Carplay helps you read and listen to the messages that come to you from WhatsApp. Also, it allows you to send text and voice messages from this application. You can also send messages to a WhatsApp group without having to get distracted by manipulating your iPhone.

There are other functions that you have available with this new app while driving, but these are the most used by users. If you use your car a lot, you have an iPhone, and you have already downloaded all the possible apps, pay for the cheapest gas or improve your driving, will you be able to resist Carplay?

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