Top Consumer Insights Trends for 2021 — How to Build Marketing After Pandemic

Consumer Behavior Trends To Watch

During the pandemic, people’s lives have changed dramatically. Many of them were forced to stay inside, unable to even go shopping. Therefore, they had to adapt to new life conditions, using digital technologies to solve problems.

How to Build Marketing After Pandemic

How can companies retain loyal customers and expand their target audience? To do this, it’s best to apply marketing strategies that include ecommerce email marketing. Contact Atompark to compile a list of potential customers and create mass mailings.

How Coronavirus (COVID-19) is impacting shopping

With the start of the global quarantine, consumer spending has dropped significantly. Customers were unable to visit stores, so they began to purchase only the most necessary items via the Internet. In percentage terms, decline in consumption was 17%. Return to previous indicators is possible not earlier than in a few years, closer to 2023-2024.

Companies actively promoting products over the Internet should study how their consumers behave. Now it is much easier to purchase goods for home and everyday life:

  • Detergents;
  • Food;
  • Personal hygiene products;
  • Home clothes, and so on.

Deliveries take the shortest possible time, regardless of a city where the consumer lives. Courier delivery has become much more popular: for this you don’t need to go to the nearest store. Most often, customers choose home delivery — it’s enough to open your apartment door to receive your order.

The e-commerce sector has grown exponentially. During the pandemic many companies have made a profit equal to the sum of their several year income. To increase the interest of customers, it is necessary to offer them promotional materials and other news. Users who stay up to date with new products by their favourite brands purchase the necessary goods online with greater interest. A well-chosen marketing strategy helps any brand grow. To advertise your services even easier, contact Atompark. Its specialist will help you complete email marketing management strategy and attract your target audience.

Post-covid-19 education trends

Schoolchildren and students couldn’t attend educational institutions, so the educational process also moved to the Internet. For this, modern technologies are used, and many new resources have been created. It’s not difficult to understand how e-learning sites work, so there was no drop in academic performance.

Children and teens easily adapted to new conditions. They didn’t waste time on the way to school and back, plus studying at a convenient time was much easier. Online learning is also suitable for those who study with a tutor or attend out-of-school educational organizations.

Young people also need additional materials that will tell them how to work with a certain software product. Learning systems providers can use marketing strategies and choose most suitable words to get students to read important information. This will make it easier for them to study how systems work and help them keep abreast with the major trends in education.

New work reality

Most offices across the country have closed. Now everyone who worked at a computer organized a workplace in their own home. Remote work didn’t affect the level of income of companies. Their employees started to pay more attention to completing important tasks, as, just like children, they didn’t waste time on commutes.

But how to conduct conferences and workshops that require the personal presence of everyone? Managers decided to collaborate using virtual services. The most popular is Zoom. The number of platform users has increased 20 times in a few months. Many companies choose tools for teamwork. This greatly simplifies remote communication in teams.

Wrapping up

Newsletters will help customers not to lose interest in the brand and stay up to date with important events. To find out how effective the chosen strategy is, study global marketing trends. With them, every company will be able to adjust their letters choosing topics that are most interesting to readers.

With the help of modern information technologies, every client will receive enough knowledge on a specific topic. The use of email marketing will help you provide customers with information about the work of the company, new arrivals and ways of interacting with representatives of the company in the shortest possible time.

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