List of Media Formats Googlebot Can Crawl and Index from Website

Every web developer is familiar with Google’s indexing service, it crawls through html files uploaded to the server and index the pages. These indexed pages will be displayed when people search for a similar query in the Google search. Usually search engines crawl and index text format quickly but Google search engine can also crawl through some media formats apart from text. Let’s have a look at what all the media formats does Google crawl and what not.


Flash Content (SWF format)

Usually everyone assumes that Google cannot read the content of the flash file but it is wrong. Google search engine can crawl through flash files and can read the content of it such as labels, text objects, URLs and XML. Googlebots powered by google’s algorithms can index flash content with ease therefore if you have a flash website then you need worry about indexing as Google can manage this too. It is important to note that Google will not recognize image or graphic content from flash file. You need not add any special code inside your flash file to make it Googlebot friendly as they are powered enough to index flash content themselves.

Silverlight Content

Silverlight format is partially supported that means Googlebots can crawls less amount of data here compared to Flash content. Google can recognize silverlight content from the website which and can extract text and URLs stored within them, but it can’t crawl through the whole structure of it as it is one of the rich media formats.

Image Formats

Googlebot cannot recognize the images. Adding alternative text to images helps these Googlebots to understand what is the added image is about.  Alternative text makes your image appear in Google image search results when people search for it.

Video Formats

Googlebot is not capable to crawl through video file formats (all videos formats), It is avid to incorporate sufficient information about the video you include in your website or blog.

List of Media Formats Googlebot Can Crawl and Index from Website 1
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