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techgyo article  preview So we really give the credit to the author by showing a drop down author card just like the one below. about author boxSo if you are a blogger yourself, then having a guest post in will give a backlink to your blog. So more backlink means more page rank from Google. Not only that you will get backlink, you will get traffic to your blog, fame, recognition and support from readers, you can see how readers find your article helpful. And mainly you can make money out of your own Adsense ads shown on your article page. Come lets build a better site to help our world. In breif, you get Backlinks + Fame + Recognition +Traffic + Money+ Satisfaction of Helping others. and much more…..

How Join This Program?
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You can read the FAQ page for further information.
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Money Making Opportunity Through Our 100% Adsense Revenue Sharing Program! 1
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