Now See the Moon in 3D using Google Moon

Nasa Moon Landing imageI was just stumbling around and saw a page where it says “See the Moon in 3D” I was curios whether Google has launched new product. Yes I was correct. Google has introduced new feature in Google Earths’ new version Version 5. 0. Not only that you can view moon in 3D but also checkout the exact land site marked with Placemarks with the details of the different Apollo missions. I just clicked on Apollo 14 to checkout more. It gives a summary of the mission. Including date of launch, name of the landing site etc which you can checkout below.  You can find 20 such Placemarks where Apollo 14 mission landed. You can find Placemarks in each Apollo missions. Google teamed up with scientists at the NASA Ames Research Center to prepare the collection of lunar maps and charts. You can explore all the Apollo missions to landed on Moon

Apollo 14 Launched: 31 January 1971

Landed on Moon: 5 February 1971

Landing Site: Fra Mauro

Returned to Earth: 9 February 1971

Crew: Alan Shepard, commander Stuart Roosa, command module pilot Edgar Mitchell, lunar module pilot

Google moon
Google moon

With Moon in Google Earth, you can:

  • Take tours of landing sites, narrated by Apollo astronauts
  • View 3D models of landed spacecraft
  • Zoom into 360-degree photos to see astronauts’ footprints
  • Watch rare TV footage of the Apollo missions

How do I watch Moon on 3D using Google Earth?

  • Just download Google Earth version 5
  • Now launch Google Earth and Select Moon from the top toolbar to start exploring.

google earth moon toolbar option

If I’ve missed anything or if you’ve found some more interesting options to explore Apollo Moon Mission by Nasa, please let others know by commenting below.

Now See the Moon in 3D using Google Moon 1
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