The Ultimate Desk Organisation Guide For Home and Office

Whether at work or at home, having a desk cluttered with wires, cables, documents, and the link can be pretty counterproductive. If you spend a lot of time on your computer, you’re probably all too aware of how quickly things can go wrong when there’s no level of organisation.

So, why not nip things in the bud and crack down on organising your technology, so you can get on with what you need to get on with.

desk organization guide

All tied up

If something needs unplugging or you’re trying to work out which cable feeds which piece of tech, navigating through a mess of wires and cables can be a real chore. Many people choose to drill holes in their desk in order to accommodate and separate tangled wires, but there’s no need to do anything quite so extreme.

Cable ties are perfect for arranging wires for different parts of your computer, and when arranging multiple power supplies. It’s worth getting colour-coded cable wraps so you can tell exactly what wire is for what at a glance.

Keeping tabs

Many workers these days take their mobile devices to work, sometimes to actually complete work on. Asset labels are thus essential for you – able to save a great deal of hassle; they offer protection of the warranty and can help locate items if they go missing.

They’re also great for differentiating between similar types of equipment by scanning the code they display.

Label experts Seareachltd point out that asset labels aren’t just for computers and the like in the workplace; they are often used for servers, printers, computer keyboards etc.

What’s the charge?

If you’ve got a mobile phone, iPod, iPadetc., then there is a great deal of chargers to keep handy for them. All those wires seem to get tangled no matter what you do, and isn’t it annoying when you just can’t remember where you put your phone?

Charging pads are perfect for charging multiple devices at once, and you can easily get into the habit of leaving your gear on it.

It’s not all about the desk…

Likelihood is, your computer desktop could do with some organisation.

If you often work on multiple programs at once, switching between them can be frustrating – especially if you can’t find the file you want amongst a desktop peppered with them.

Now you’ve all you need to get your desk organised.

The Ultimate Desk Organisation Guide For Home and Office 1
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