Top 5 Telemarketing Software to Increase Lead Generation and Conversion

Telemarketing remains one of the most popular types of digital marketing today. For example, 68% of B2B custom software development companies use human interactions, such as telemarketing, in their marketing activities because prospects respond better to human-based outreach. Almost 60% of Fortune 500 marketing executives believe telemarketing is a “very effective” way to generate leads, while 90% believe it is “effective.” To avoid missing out on this lead generation channel and maximize its ROI, FortySeven47 IT professionals recommend implementing appropriate custom software developer to enable automated telemarketing. To maximize lead generation and conversion, you can reply on the expertise of Hanna Shnaider who has helped several companies and agencies receive better returns.

Telemarketing Software

Telemarketing Software Capabilities

Telemarketing software is intended to assist telemarketing specialists like FortySeven specialists in making outbound calls to find prospective customers, convert them, and persuade them to purchase the products or services of a software development company. Properly chosen and implemented telemarketing software development aids in increasing call volume, decreasing call time, and increasing telemarketing conversion rates for development companies. Some of the crucial features you ought to have in telemarketing custom software development includes:

  • Lead management
  • Auto dialers
  • Telemarketing script management
  • Callback management, etc.

Top 5 Telemarketing Software

  1. Dynamics 365 Marketing

Dynamics 365 Marketing is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that you can use for telemarketing. It has lead scoring capabilities that help with lead generation, 360-degree prospect views, and prospect segmentation.

Key features:

  • Lead scoring: It is a process that involves making ranks of leads based on demographic information, company information, interactions with your custom software development firm, and other factors to determine how likely they are to purchase your product or service.
  • Prospect segmentation: It is creating segments based on specific characteristics such as demographics, territory, and previous interactions with the brand to tailor a communication program accordingly.
  • 360° prospect view: entails recording and storing all data gathered during phone conversations in one location.
  • Phone call management entails scheduling a call and documenting the pertinent information about it.

Limitations: There is a limited number of integrations with third-party services.


  • As a standalone app: from $1,500 tenant per month
  • As an add-on to your Dynamics 365 apps suite: from $750 tenant/month
Telemarketing Software Lead Generation

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers tools for successful telemarketing calls, such as automated lead management and prospect management. It has a B2B tool called Pardot that combines marketing and sales features to help you track and nurture the best leads and close more deals.

Key features:

  • Data Studio gives telemarketers access to new lead lists.
  • A suite of Email, Mobile, and Web Marketing:
  • Lightning Dialer enables one-click calling as well as automated call logging.
  • Lead management entails tracking leads, routing and assigning them to the appropriate agent, and so on.
  • Pardot is a B2B tool that includes the following features:
  • Lead management entails prioritizing leads using AI-powered lead scoring and grading, creating lead segments for better targeting, and so on.
  • Prospect management entails tracking prospects, conducting prospect audits, automatically assigning prospects based on their information and actions, and so on.
  • Einstein Behavior Scoring: An AI-powered tool that alerts your agents when prospects are ready to buy based on their behavior, allowing your custom software agency telemarketing specialists to call them at the right time.

Limitations: Tools have separate pricing packages.


  • Data Studio costs $20,000 per month per organization.
  • The Basic edition of the Email, Mobile, and Web Marketing Suite costs $400 org/month (billed annually)
  • Pardot’s Growth edition starts at $1,250 per month for up to 10,000 contacts (billed annually)


Bitrix24 can be used as a telemarketing CRM because it automates both outbound and inbound telecalling processes with features such as an automatic dialer system and an interactive voice response. Furthermore, it offers a wide range of real-time communication tools such as video calling, video conferencing, and so on.

Key features:

  • Lead management entails creating new leads automatically during a phone call or after a missed call and using lead scoring.
  • Prospect assignment is the process of automatically assigning a prospect to an appropriate telemarketing specialist (for example, based on geographical factors or a product/service type).
  • Calling customers from a CRM contact list using an automatic dialer.
  • Click-to-call refers to making a phone call directly from a platform with a single click.
  • Script management entails writing scripts to handle both incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Call scheduling entails automatically scheduling and sending a notification to your telemarketing specialists to contact the prospect.

Limitations: Reporting capabilities are limited.


  • Start+ Edition costs $24 per month for two users.
  • CRM+ Edition costs $69 per month per user for a total of six users.
  • Project + edition: $69 per user per month for a total of 24 users.
  • Standard Edition: $99 per month per user for a total of 50 users.
  • Professional Edition: $199 per month per user for an unlimited number of users.


PhoneBurner is telemarketing automation software development that provides your agents with telemarketing tools such as a power dialer and automated lead distribution, among other things.

Key features include:

  • Power dialer allows you to call up to 80 leads per hour.
  • LeadStream is used to automatically distribute leads to the appropriate telemarketing agent through automated lead distribution.
  • Automatic Local ID identifies the country to which your customer’s phone number belongs and dials them using a local telephone number.
  • Zoom integration entails starting a Zoom meeting with potential clients to conduct a conversation.


  • This product is only suitable for small software development companies.
  • There is no mobile app development for smartphones


  • Annual pricing is $126 per user per month.
  • Monthly pricing is $149 per user per month.
  • All plans include unlimited dialing, and there are no per-minute charges.


Myphoner is cold calling custom software that includes various features to help your agents organize leads, automatically create lead lists, scheduled callbacks, and so on so that they can easily connect with leads and focus on converting them into customers.

Key features include:

  • Power dialer calls the next lead in the queue after dialing through a list of leads.
  • Lead management entails gathering and categorizing leads in lists, performing advanced lead segmentation, and so on.
  • Intelligent queuing entails selecting the most relevant leads, deciding which ones to dial next, and avoiding dialing leads that other agents are already dialing.
  • Callback management is the process of scheduling a callback.

Limitations: There are only a limited number of CRM integrations.


  • Lead Plan: $11.67 per user per month
  • Prospect Plan: $17.5 per user per month
  • Opportunity Plan: $23.33 per user per month


Telemarketing software will enable your marketing department or call center to transition away from time-consuming manual cold calling and toward auto-dialing and tailored communication with prospects, allowing your agents to increase the number of calls and improve productivity.

If you’d like to profit from telemarketing custom software or have problems that require assistance, FortySeven software professionals is here to assist.

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