Top 5 Free Addictive Android Games [All New Time Killer Games]

There are thousands of free android games available on Google Play but some games make you so addictive to them that you even forget your food and sleep. This is not a joke but many users experience it. If you are bored with playing fruit ninja, angry birds and temple run then check this fresh list of games, here we have listed the most addictive free android games of various game categories including racing, sports, arcade and action. Let’s have a look on them.

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List of All New Free Addictive Android Games

Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing by Fingersoft is the time killer game which comes in racing category, this one is the physics based driving game. First of all you will get a jeep and a hill, you can go as much as you can, make money and buy other cars and also unlock available levels. Here you can ride on jeep, monster truck or on a racing car. By making money you can unlock desert, arctic, highway, moon, mars and aliens valley levels. This game has got 4.6 star ratings, check out this free addictive android game here.

Speed Car II

Speed Car II is simply awesome, Speed Car I was just had a straight highway but here in Speed Car II you will mess with turning roads that adds more fun to your game. You can control your car with gravity sensor and boost the car speed by touching the screen. Various cars and levels are available over here to shop and unlock. This new version also supports tablets. Speed Car II has got 4.3 star ratings in Google Play, download and have fun with this free game here.

Cricket T20 Fever 3D

Cricket T20 Fever 3D by Indiagames is a must play game who love cricket especially the T20. This one is HD 3D graphics game with stunning gameplay. It comes with multiple game modes including quick match, ODI and T20 etc. You can choose from six different play grounds around the world and play with your desired cricket team. Hmm.. even cheer girls are there to support you!. This game has got 4.2 star ratings, check out this free addictive android game over here.

Air Control Lite

Air control lite by Four Pixels is a free and addictive air traffic control game where you have to land the airplanes and helicopters without collision, at the beginning game looks easy but becomes harder when you go with it and addictive too. The game has simple yet catchy graphics. The game has got 4.5 star ratings, have a look at this free game over here.

Bus Parking 3D

Bus parking 3D by riv3r is a free addictive android game with 3D environment. Your job is to park the bus by rotating the steering and pedals. Even this stuff seems easy on the start but becomes tough when you move on. Bus parking 3D has got 4.5 star ratings, get this game over here.

Top 5 Free Addictive Android Games [All New Time Killer Games] 1
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