How to Make Google Author Rank Work for You

How to make Google Author Rank work for you

For bloggers, web authors and website owners alike, the introduction of Google Author Ranks is a huge leap in the journey to rank your content or web pages accordingly. Whether you’re an SEO fanatic, or just getting started out in the search engine optimization game, the combination of Google’s Page Rank and Author Rank can help put your posts at the top of the list, or as close as possible all depending on your overall reputation, as judged by Google. Your work will be graded and this will determine your place on the Google’s search engine results. It’s never been easier to find out where you rank and how to move up with the overdue-release of Author Ranks. Basically Google is on a search to find and highlight the best web writers and journalists on the net, and if you think you might just be one of them, here are a few tips to use Author Rank to your advantage.

Google Plus and Authorship

Firstly, you’ll need to set up a Google+ account if you don’t already have one. Yes, some people might see this as Google’s way to get Google+ the users it has lacked from the beginning, but really, there’s no harm in over-exposure when it comes to launching your blog/website/personal brand on social media. So ignore those conspiracy thoughts and sign up. Now link your Plus profile to Google’s also recently launched Authorship program, which allows you to link all the content you create on the web straight to your Google Plus profile. It’s definitely a handy little innovation from Google! Now ensure you keep those links updated and showcasing all your best stuff, as this is how Google will be ranking and rating you in the very near future. Build that puppy up so when Google’s Author Rank finally kicks in, you’re ready and waiting to use it to its fullest potential.


Probably the most difficult yet most rewarding tip of all is to keep the quality and relevancy of the content you create at the highest standard possible. Make sure it’s exactly what your audience want to read and also what they are going to want to share with their friends. As we know, social media is everything and getting your content circulated will shoot you straight up the search engine ladder. How do you do this? Well if you’re a good enough writer, it shouldn’t be too difficult. If not, then research is always key. Find out what’s trending, what’s getting a lot of attention these days and who your target audience is, so you can deliver content that is on point and most of all, worthy of a place at the top of the search engines. If you’ve got nothing to say, move on. No point in wasting your reader’s time and lowering your rankings.

Get Niche’d

No one likes to take advice from someone who thinks he’s an expert in everything. So find what you’re most passionate about and enter the niche market, rather than posting a bunch of unrelated and unintelligent content. Focus on a topic that’s rare and roll with it. You might think all the good ideas are gone but no matter how small your topic is, I bet you there will be thousands of readers out there who are searching for some good insight on that specific topic every day. Don’t underestimate the number of users on the web today, also don’t underestimate their intelligence. Make it clever, make it easy to understand and get niche’d!


If your content sucks and no one is reading is, then there’s not much helping you. But if you’re onto something great and all that’s missing is the eyes of a million Google users, then Google’s Author Rank can really help you optimize your content and get those eyes clicking on your content instead of the usually top-ranking floaters. Follow these steps and you’re certain to gain some well-deserved traffic for your fancy words. Remember, Google Plus is the way to go if you want all your links in one place and the chance to be ranked by the Google A.I bots. Sign up, watch your quality and get niche’d! Happy ranking!

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