Tips And Tricks To Benefit From Microsoft Dynamics Support

I’m going to share a story with you about the importance of businesses having a sound customer relationship management (CRM) system in place. Perhaps another way of viewing this story is what happens when a business has a CRM system in place but for some reason the company’s key staff aren’t using it to its full potential.

I recently tried to sort out a problem I had with an energy supplier. In itself, the problem was easy to solve. At least it should have been. I found it impossible to get through by telephone to the supplier – and that’s another story - so I emailed the company. Eventually, after several emails, the company telephoned me I explained the problem. They asked for a document which they already had. I emailed the document again there and them. They confirmed receipt.

Microsoft Dynamic Support

That evening the company telephoned again. They asked for the same document. I explained they’d had it twice already, but I sent it again anyway. Two Days later the company telephoned again and said they needed a document.

I’m sure they have a CRM system, but it wasn’t being used particularly well. Microsoft Dynamics offers business solutions that include enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management, business intelligence reporting systems and, of course, customer relationship systems. Here are five ways to benefit from Microsoft Dynamics.

1. Optimise Your Marketing Efforts

Microsoft Dynamics offers marketers a whole host of resources that will help optimise a company’s marketing effort and get the best return on investment possible. There’s an old saying in the management world; if you can’t measure it you can’t manage it. That adage applies with interest in the marketing world.

We live in a time of big data. But data is useless if it is not intelligible. Marketers need information not raw data. With Microsoft Dynamics a company can keep track of all its key performance indicators. Information is displayed on a real-time dashboard interface that allows returns on investment calculations to be made.

2. Provide Outstanding Customer Service

The experience I had with my energy company is a good example of a customer service that falls woefully short of outstanding. Look at the bigger picture. If my experience is replicated across hundreds of customers, the cost to the company is colossal. How many dissatisfied customers will go elsewhere because of the poor service?

3. Document Management

The paperless office may not yet have reached most businesses, but systems like SharePoint give businesses the tool it needs to reach paperless nirvana. Another benefit from such document management facilities is that business can exploit knowledge as a resource. Create a shared knowledge resource bank and everyone in the business benefits.

4. Knowledge Is Power

You’ve probably worked in places where information isn’t shared (perhaps you work for my energy company). Possessing knowledge on its own is not power: it’s what you do with it (or don’t do with it) that counts. Microsoft Dynamics gives businesses the tool to keep knowledge where everyone can access it.

5. Improve Marketing Campaigns

No matter how big a company is the marketing budget is finite. The CRM system offered by Microsoft Dynamics simplifies the process of creating and running marketing campaigns. And with information at marketers fingertips businesses have what they need to get the most from their marketing budgets.

If you’re in business you’ll know that one of the most important things a business can do is facilitate and manage the flow of information for and amongst its staff. I hope the decision makers in my energy supplier are reading this.

About author:

David Johnson is an author and a IT consultant. He is currently doing a research on IT Outsourcing. He recommends Consultancy Services by Advantage Business Systems.