Is it Time to Buy a New TV?

Television manufacturers are always trying to introduce the next new technological advancement — big or small — in order to encourage people to turn over their hard-earned money, whether or not these people own a TV in the first place. We saw this with 3D TVs and HDTVs. We can go back decades to color versus black-and-white televisions. Consumers (for the most part) have opted against 3D TVs, but now they have a new type of TV to consider: the 4K-quality TV. They have to consider both price and quality before they take the plunge.

when is the right time to buy a tv

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Is it Worth the Cost?

A big hurdle for a lot of consumers getting something new, hot, and expensive is that it is … well, expensive! The value may be there, but you should always be mindful that you are buying quality and buying within your budget range. It is valuable to compare the cost of a 4K HDTV, not only to other TVs, but also other products, such as ones featured on websites like

Is the Quality There?

Depending on who you ask, you will get different answers. To some people, the advancement from HDTV to 4K HDTVs is just not substantial enough to justify buying one, at least not yet. On the other hand, while 4K HDTVs are not the advancement HDTVs were when supplanting cathode-ray tube (CRT) TVs, visual quality differences are evident between the two.

Is the Upgrade Big Enough?

Once you have determined that 4K is worth its cost and is of a certain level of quality, you have to ask whether you personally need it. If you are working with a black-and-white TV (complete with stereotypical antenna), 4K HDTV is definitely a worthwhile upgrade. What if you have the next best thing before 4K HDTV? You may very well be better off waiting until the gap between your TV and the “current big thing” is more substantial.

Should I Wait?

One of the common suggestions made when this question arises is “maybe just wait.” A few reasons for this are obvious:

  1. Higher likelihood of a good sale — Many consumers try to buy their expensive electronics during sales, particularly the Black Friday sales. With every passing year, 4K HDTV will become easier to buy due to lower prices.
  2. You can get a better 4K HDTV in the future for less than you would pay now — As more 4K HDTVs are produced, makers of 4K HDTVs become more proficient; you benefit from these improvements immediately.
  3. Sleep on the decision — To be honest, a lot of people tend to impulse buy on “fun items” like a 4K HDTV. As liberating as a splurge might be, it is not exactly the most responsible decision that you can make. Take your time and you will be better off.

Should I Get One?

Once you have gone through all four points and determined that they do not seem like impediments, the fair answer should be, “Sure, heck yeah!” Assuming you can afford to make the plunge, you have no reason not to give it a shot. Just make sure you get a good deal from a good producer of 4K HDTVs.

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