The Internet of Things and Mobile Homes of the Future

What the internet of things actually is, is quite hard to explain but quite easy to understand. However, to put it simply, internet of things is an idea that connection that exists in digital world should be transferred to physical world as well. When this happens, and it most certainly will, it will revolutionize not just industry but our private lives as well. Still, we no longer need to imagine what these incredible innovations will look like since some of them are already here.


Controlling the Lights

smart phone light controls

Now, this comes straight out of a Sci-Fi movie. How many times as a kid have you dreamed that you can turn lights on and off with the power of your will. Although telepathy still hasn’t gotten this far, same cannot be said about mobile phones. You can now switch your lights on, off or even change their intensity with a phone application. All you need to do is choose amongst some of best smart lighting solution. There is no longer need to wait and see what the future brings since the future seems to have already arrived.


Smart Thermostat

smart home thermostats

By far the best thing about internet of things in combination with modern mobile technology is that soon, via your mobile device you will be able to control every single appliance in your home. For example, your thermostat will be connected to your mobile phone’s GPS and as soon as you approach on a preset distance of your home, it will start turning the heat up. This means, no more waiting in a cold room just because there was nobody home to heat the room for you. However, since all of this functions via internet, it is always good to go through some of the extremely useful unlimited broadband plans and chose the best one.

Stool-analyzing Toilet

This next innovation (or to say more precisely concept) is quite bizarre indeed. In 1998, Japanese came up with an idea of a stool-analyzing toilet. Truth be told, this might not be such an inadequate addition to your home after all since it could vastly improve your general health. Some people find taking their stool to doctor so embarrassing that they sacrifice their own health by not taking it at all. Here, one could get detailed results in shortest notice and all of that in reassuring privacy of their own home. After the analysis has been completed, the results will be sent to your smartphone.

Energetic Efficiency

Still, another great advantage that internet of things can create is of financial nature as well. By monitoring your home’s energy spending, you will know just the right way to optimize it. Furthermore, with the use of smart home appliances like the aforementioned thermostat, you can save a lot of power. In this way, any investment that you make in order to modernize your home will pay itself off in time. It is the job of technology to make our lives better and simpler and this is just another way for it to do so.

Gaming Industry

In the end, it would be unfair to leave out the favorite hobby of the 21st century- video gaming. With some of the most daring inventions in the last several years like oculus rift and virtux omni, gaming industry will make more realistic video games than ever. First of all, the level of immersion that you will be able to feel once that fourth wall comes down is something truly amazing. Nintendo Wii foreshadowed this next step with its innovative controller but even they couldn’t have imagined at the time where all of this will lead.

We truly live in an exciting time. Both internet of things and rapid pace at which mobile technology advances will enable us to witness some of the greatest inventions in the history of mankind with our own eyes. All of this, will make our lives much simpler, but paradoxically also much more interesting and vivid.

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