Infographic – 17 Must Have Tech Gadgets

Whether you are looking to enhance your Geek Cave or gain some inspiration from the latest concept designs,Nabru’s 17 must have gadgets infographic is going to have you inspired!


The latest product to hit the shelves is the BB-8 Star Wars edition, all controlled from the comfort of your own phone; the ultimate geek gadget. There are a number of other editions that are available as well to add to the Geek Cave such as the Artiphon Instrument 1 and a 3D printer where people are still getting to grips with the power of the gadget.


Looking further ahead, and for release in 2016 is where we start to truly see some spectacular gadgets coming to the market; with the Oculus Rift and The Glyph, both versions of Virtual Reality, these promise to be truly remarkable items.


Why not explore the infographic further and start thinking about what gadgets you want to include in your geek cave.

Infographic - 17 Must Have Tech Gadgets 1
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