Ideal CyberAttack Protection Techniques for Your Organization

With the growing emergence of working from remote locations, the risk of cyber threats is also at an all-time high. Make no mistake – a single cyber-attack has the potential to render the entire system completely useless and shut down your organization for good. It is crucial to establish preventive measures in order to avoid this grave danger.

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The rapid advancement of technology has introduced us to newer dynamics in the digital world. Initiating regular upgrades in response to these developments in the field of tech security is inevitable if you want to protect your valuable data. Cybersecurity breaches are not limited to large corporations only. Even the smallest, less established companies are equally susceptible to these attacks due to their relatively weak security levels. This article provides a comprehensive guideline on various ways to prevent cybersecurity attacks. Below is a detailed list of procedures that we recommend you follow for maintaining a well-protected digital system for your business.

Encrypt Your Data

There are different ways to encrypt your data, based on your skills, efforts, and needs. It is important to store your business data in an encrypted format, and ensure that it is being transferred without eliminating the encryption. For online poachers, the task of stealing these coded data is mostly unrewarding, as taking the encryption off is a highly difficult task – even though it is not impossible. On the other hand, all you need to do is turn the encryption off to view the data in its raw format at your end. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are also viable options for data security and act similar to manually turn on the encryption.

Many companies provide data encryption services, along with other significant facilities for protection against cyberattacks. You can check out CloudEnv for the array of services they provide in this field, along with professional consultation regarding this serious issue.

Use Multi-factor Authentication

The introduction of multi-factor authentication (MFA) is relatively new in the field of digital data security. However, the added layer of protection it brings to systems is so effective and beneficial for businesses that using MFA is an established norm in most organizations. Generally, password-protected databases require a password to access. Implementing MFA adds another safety level on top of that and requires a randomly generated password that is accessible only by the user. While it does slow the process down, the increased security is invaluable and can save a lot of time and money down the line. Malicious entities have a hard time bypassing such protective layers and might get discouraged encountering these barriers in the first place.

Take Regular Data Backups

Do not store all your data in one place. It is highly recommended to back up your data into multiple storages, and this is not only for cybersecurity reasons. Anything ranging from physical damage to hard drives to mistakenly deleting crucial data is a possibility, and it is important to take preventive measures to safeguard that data. Many hackers steal portions of data from a company’s digital storage and use that to demand ransom. Having complete backups of your precious data makes you immune to such threats, and alerts you of underlying concerns in your existing data security system.

You can plan data backup procedures according to your needs. Some organizations might opt for weekly backups, while others prefer to do it monthly or yearly. Operational data used on a daily basis should have a backup at every stage, as these contain volatile information involving the day-to-day dealings of the company, and are highly prone to cyber-attacks. Make sure you occasionally check all the stored data in backup drives to ensure their authenticity and usability. It is common for data to get corrupted after a certain time for multiple reasons, and is an issue that should be carefully monitored at all times.

Update All the Software in Use

Make it a regular practice to always have your essential software updated to the latest version. Most hacking attempts or independent malware have some limitations of their impact on systems. A computer virus programmed and launched before the creation of a particular software will generally fail to have any effect on it, because of the unavailability of the necessary information about the software by the virus’s code. 

Furthermore, most of the latest software tends to come with its own protection against cyberattacks. Older versions of the same software might already have been cracked by the hackers, and can easily be accessed and corrupted by them. The introduction of newer versions means the entire process of a cyberattack on them has to be initiated from scratch due to the changes in the framework. Make sure you keep an eye out for the latest security patches or available version updates of all the software that you use.

Change All Existing Passwords

It is not a good practice to keep using the same password for any system – be it small or large. Make sure you change every single password associated with the systems your business uses. Any system protected by a password is sensitive information and is suggested to use complex strings when setting a new one.

Educating your employees plays a crucial role in this, as they are the ones to access delicate company information the most. Ensure the sharing of passwords for work purposes is only done as a last resort, and the password gets updated right afterward. Train them about the severe consequences of cyber-attacks!

Final Words

The incredible pace of technological advancement not only introduces more convenient methods of getting work done but also develops the skill sets of specialist hackers to unleash heinous activity. The importance of data security can never be overstated and with the digitalization of most known business platforms, it is a standard that is mandatory to be followed these days. Ensuring high levels of data protection can go a long way to bringing long-term success to your business.

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