Smart Tips for Recycle Your Old Gadgets into Money

Living in the era of electronics and gadgets, most of us have a sort of collection of devices that are outdated or simply are not currently used (like photo cameras – every smartphone today has it, so people tend to lose interest in cameras). But such gadgets shouldn’t turn into dust collectors – you can still get use from them, or even earn some cash. Give the gadgets you’ve once appreciated a new home without having to dump e-waste into landfill (which is a pleasant bonus) – there are plenty of resources you can use for such deed.

recycle old gadget money

The first thing you should do when decided to get rid of the old device is researching its current value. There are several resources you can use for that. All you will have to do is choosing the category of the product you want to get a quote for, find the specific make and model in the list and describe the current item’s condition (whether there are any cracks, if all the buttons are working, is it Wi-Fi working device, etc.).

No matter what kind of device you are selling or what service you’ve chosen for this trade, there are several things you should consider.

    1. Always compose an honest description of your device. First of all, it is fair, and moreover, it will later be assessed by a professional, who will surely notice all the scratches and broken buttons you failed to mention. If it will happen so, you will most likely get a notification that your gadget will only be accepted at a lower price.

    1. Trading used iPhones brings the most money, but only if you do it at the right time. Even though used Apple phones hold their value better than others, its resale value usually drops before the company is about to introduce a new version. That is why, if you decide to part with your old iPhone, check out if there is no other newbie ahead.

  1. Before you sell any gadget, take care of your personal information – there is plenty of it on a phone or laptop, so make sure it is secured, so that nothing would get to the new owner of your device.

First you should backup the data you have – the method depends on the type of device. Generally, if you have a gadget of the Apple family, you can use iTunes for backup, while for the Android devices and Google accounts some things like apps and calendar are backed up there.

After you’ve backed up all the information, you can proceed to deleting. With phones and tables it is simple – you can just restore to factory settings and you are done. With a computer you will have to work a little more, as any recovery software can find your files. The easiest way would be removing the old hard drive and replacing it with a brand new before selling.

The additional step you can take is reinstalling the OS if you’ve wiped it together with your data.

Smart Tips for Recycle Your Old Gadgets into Money 1
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