Re-engagement Ads: The Next Big thing in Mobile App Advertising in 2020

The application marketing is increasingly becoming competitive. According to the report, the rate at which number of download is increasing per year, by 2017 it will reach to 200 billion. Therefore, the application developers and development organizations have to face various challenges such as:

  1. Grabbing attention of the potential application users toward the app.
  2. Retaining the existing users.
  3. Increasing the usability of the app.
Re-engagement ads

In terms of easing these challenges, the Re-Engagement Ads has become the requirement.

What Is Re-Engagement Ads!

The Re-Engagement Ads is a technical approach that can help the application marketer to entice the users for using their app frequently. The concept of re-engagement is far different from retargeting. Let’s have a glimpse below to know more about the differences between these two techniques:


Retargeting technique is basically deployed for website and web application. The protocol for implementing this technique is explained below:


Suppose there is an e-commerce website ABC, and the user visit that website in order to buy watch, but he does not buy the watch because of certain reason and go to different websites. In this case, that e-commerce will save a cookie on user’s browser. That cookie is basically used by the Retargeting company in order to showcase the Ads on other websites to remind the user about the watch. When the users click that ad, then he will be directed to same page that he left while buying the watch at the first time. It basically includes one to one interaction.

This technique is good for website, but for mobile application, it is not easy to implement. In mobile app, there is a need of identifier for advertiser (IDFA) in order to identify the device because there is no cookie. Using of IDFA is not secure because it can bring harm to the users’ profile. Therefore, most of application store have made their IDFA policy stringent. Last year, Apple has tightened their IDFA policy, according to this, they rejected the publishing of various applications that are using IDFA. Owing to this, the concept of Re-engagement was emerged.


Re-engagement is the way, where there is no need to target the specified users and it also does not require the use of IDFA. Here, Deeplinking & Push notification are used.


Push Notification

This is a type of messages that comprises text. These messages basically pop-up on the user’s device and ask them to do tasks.

The message can showcase any discount offer, fixing of error, available of the update for the app, discount offer on different versions of the apps and many things. These messages can even suggest the user to play the next level for getting more credit. The push notification is only used to grab attention of the users toward the application without disturbing the users. Now, most of the users have enhanced the features of push notification that can optimize the users’ interaction with the application.



Deeplinking is the way to direct the mobile application users to the desired place. It works just like an URL in the website content. Here, when the user clicks the banner in mobile app the deeplink is triggered. It first checks that whether the application is already installed in the mobile phone or not. If there is no application in the mobile app, then with the help of fallback, it will direct the users to the place (from where the application can be installed).


Re-engagement concept is in the growing phase. In coming times, it will become successful and cost-effective technique for mobile application marketer because it considers the complete user’s base. Moreover, as compared to retargeting, it is easy to implement. Secondly, it never leads to rejection of app publishing by the App store. Some areas in re-engagement requires improvement, like identify user’s behavior is not easy.

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