Press Release Writing Service Benefits

If you are a newbie and you don’t know how to write a proper press release, then you should hire a press release writing service.

Even if you are a seasoned writer,  you may not have the time to fit press release writing into your busy schedule, outsourcing is the next best thing.

Many press releases are thrown into the trash bin due to being poorly written. Having the wrong format with the lack of journalistic style may spell doom for your press release.

A good press release writing service provider can help you prepare a compelling release that will make editors, reporters, and your target audience take notice of your release.

Your time and PR resources are maximized by converting your expertise and raw thoughts and data into a media ready masterpiece.

How Can Press Release Help your Business?

Press release writers can work according to your preference. You can talk to them on the phone to discuss things or send your outline by email. You can even lead your chosen writer to your website and let them do their magic.

Your press release will not be published until you are fully satisfied with the article. You get a concise and masterfully written news story that is professionally done.

You might get away with blog posts that are written in a casual tone with a few grammar errors here and there but not with a press release.

A press release that contains errors is unacceptable.

Your article should be error-free when it comes to grammar, syntax, and formatting. Editors and reporters are annoyed with poorly written releases.

A professional writing service can help you avoid the pitfalls of press release writing. Before a press release is published, some editors will review your story and make sure that it is flawless in every aspect.

Some writing services offer extra features like submission to your choice of media outlets. They can also track your release and give you a full report based on media coverage and social media exposure.

These added services can prove to be valuable for you as they can help you adjust your PR efforts so that you can get the most of your press releases in the future.

There are also things that you should take note of when hiring press release writing services.

For marketers who are working on a tight budget, expect to shell out more money for these services. The cost of copywriting may give you an idea of how much you need to spend for press release writing. A ballpark figure of at least double the cost of a blog article is expected.

Should You Pay For Press Releases?

If you want the best, then you should expect to pay more for their expertise. You may have to pay more for quality, but the ROI can be great for your business.

You also need to provide raw information for your press release. All the relevant data about your company, products, quotes that will be inserted will have to come from you.

There are services that may ask you to fill out a questionnaire that can be done in 20 minutes. This will help a lot in getting your release sooner and give you better results.

Here’s the bottom line, hiring a press release writing service will depend on two factors: your budget and your in-house writing capability.

If you are sure that either you or your staff can write a well-written press release, then there is no reason to outsource.

If you don’t have the writing experience nor the expertise, then outsourcing makes sense.

For low budget companies, you can try doing some of your releases in-house while outsourcing other press releases. Compare which gives you the best ROI and stick with it for future releases.

Knowing about the latest news is normal these days especially if you are active in social media. Email is also one tool that helps us keep updated with the news.

This ranges from politics, sports, lifestyle and to any topic that you can think of.

Are Press Releases Still Relevant?

Many experts have claimed that print is a dying industry, news, however, is always going to be a hot item.

Our world has evolved into a consumer-centric society, the question is where does all this news come from?

The latest stories that are being bombarded to you in an email newsletter or being shown on your Facebook feed may have started from something as simple as a press release.

You did not make a mistake in reading the previous statement, a press release remains a valuable part of a company’s marketing strategy.

Contrary to what others believe, the press release is not dead but still alive and kicking.

A single document can be a powerful tool that can attract attention from media outlets from all over the world. This results in exposure to a wider audience. It also adds a layer of credibility to your brand and in the view of your potential customers.

Brands that are in a hurry to embrace new digital strategies have started to neglect press releases, even considering them as outdated.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth, in fact, the audience of today is even more skeptical than ever. They are eager to know whom they can trust as a brand. A press release can align yourself with credible media outlets can become a deciding factor that tips the scales to your favor.

How Do I Start Doing Press Releases?

Press releases are not simple to put together. There are many guidelines and rules that you need to follow to come up with the best press release for publication.

To get the best out of your press release, you need to know the following:

– elements of a proper press release
– different types of releases
– best practices in writing a release
– securing placement with leading media outlets

It may look overwhelming but this is all part of the process, and you need to learn them step by step.

Press releases are statements that should attract the interest of reporters, editors, and your readers. They are designed to share a message for public consumption.

Companies distribute press releases for many reasons. They may be promoting a new event, announcing new hires, celebrating achievements and major acquisitions.

Press releases allow you to prepare a message once, distribute it in the hopes of attracting editors and journalists to cover it publicly.

If all goes well, media outlets will do the marketing for you and expose your brand to a bigger crowd. Press release service keeps your brand visible in the public eye.

Where Will My Press Release Go?

Consumers almost always trust publications that they are familiar with, which is why many would like to be covered by Forbes or New York Times. If your brand can appear in these known media outlets, you gain credibility.

PR professionals distribute press releases in every industry. They work for the businesses that hire them for publicity.

There are times when companies may approach journalists and media outlets themselves, but most companies with budgets would be more comfortable hiring PR pros to handle their publicity stuff. These pros have a ton of experience and know the best approach to get the needed media coverage.

PR professionals also have relationships with journalists in many different industries.

Newswires are services that help in distributing press releases to a wide network of reporters, bloggers and other members of the media.

Posting on newswires give your press release the advantage of scale. Journalists scour the newswires for new and fresh content.

PR pros and the media benefit from these services which is why access can be very costly.

Newswires have evolved since their inception in the early 50s. Today PR pros have their choice of distribution service based on their needs.

Press releases may be “old school” to some, but they are still very effective in getting your news out to the public.

They are still a cost-effective way to distribute information quickly. An agency can make one statement and distribute it easily to a network of media outlets that are hungry for the latest stories and news.

Popular industry sites like Forbes and Huffington Post are updated with articles close to 50 times daily. This makes it possible for a press release to be on the newswire in the morning and a journalist writing about it in the afternoon.

When a media publication writes a story about your press release, their audience becomes your audience. You may have many customers that don’t know about your blog, videos or podcasts.

Just because you put up a blog or a website means that people will automatically flock to you, they need to discover you first.

Being seen on media outlets puts you on their radar and gives you the chance to engage. This also applies to investors or other businesses that might be interested in partnering with you.

Media outlets have thousands if not millions of people watching or reading, imagine the brand awareness that you get even from just a tiny portion from that huge scale.

Being featured on popular sites gives you the chance to get links back to your company site making it easier for you to rank higher on Google and other search engines.

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