Popular PHP Frameworks in 2020

PHP is undoubtedly one of the most popular web development platforms. Having a very low learning curve and being very powerful and easy to use, PHP offers a bunch of valuable advantages that are are highly appreciated by web developers across the world. PHP platform offers a number of super powerful frameworks that make web development a lot faster and easier.

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These are 5 most popular PHP frameworks in 2015


In most lists of popular PHP frameworks, Symfony always takes top positions, and the reasons for that are really weighty. This framework is especially popular in the enterprise world, as it allows creating solid web apps and websites in an enterprise context. Symfony uses MVC (model-view-controller) approach and offers a rich set of customization options which, in fact, is the biggest loadstone for most IT specialists.


Though this open-source PHP framework is written in the C language, there is hardly any need mastering the C language, as functionality of Phalcon is revealed as ready-to-use PHP classes. For the moment, Phalcon is one of the fastest of all PHP frameworks that requires a minimal consumption of resources. The list of  Phalcon benefits is huge. The most popular of its draws are: platform independence, high performance, universal auto-loader, assets management and also a high level of security it features.


This open-source framework with a “sweet name”, features a jammy set of exceptional tools, necessary for an efficient and effortless web development. CakePHP is known for its extremely flexible architecture, swift deployment of apps, advanced session management and easy maintenance. Due to MVC convention, projects created with CakePHP are very easy to spin.


Laravel is one of the hottest PHP frameworks in 2015. The simplicity and elegance of this web development tool are highly prized by the IT specialists across the world. The framework  can easily meet the needs of both seasoned and newbie developers and is a great choice for the projects of different sizes and types. Laravel makes it easier to develop high-end apps with a reliable and well-tested code.


The demand for this PHP yii framework developers has tremendously increased in the last few years. Yii

is widely used for the development of social media apps, PaaS, enterprise web apps and SaaS. Being very secure, stable and fast, Yii with its high performance is an ideal tool for developing advanced and highly competitive  apps of different complexity levels.

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