Right Opportunity to Invest in Graphite Corporation (GRPH)

Brief description on Graphite and where is it found

Graphite is a mineral form of the element carbon which is symbolized as C in the periodic table. It is found in metamorphic rocks as a result of reduction of carbon compounds during metamorphism of organic material included in limestone deposits. It is also found in the rocks solidified from lava or magma and even in in meteorites. Graphite is a non-metal element which acts as a good conductor of electricity. Graphite contains the minerals mica, quartz, tourmaline and calcite.

Why Graphite is an Essential Element in Modern World?

Graphite is used in many industries such as lubricants, refractories, batteries, steel and brake linings etc. most importantly it is used in lithium-ion batteries to power mobiles and tablets. A lithium-ion battery used in modern mobiles and tablets uses 30 times more graphite than normal lithium battery and one can estimate the consumption of Graphite by calculating the numbers of mobiles sold since last few years.


Some interesting facts about Graphite are – The United States of America has not produced graphite since past20 years but imported from other countries even the Graphite is one of the most important raw materials in modern electronics and industry. But now United States of America is decided to produce its own graphite as it is get more demand for it. The U.S. State Department declared graphite as a critical material prior to this year as it needs 20 to 30 times more graphite than it consumes today.

Demand for Graphite

We have already discussed that The U.S. State Department declared graphite as a critical material. Demand for graphite has increased significantly as there is a need of need 50% more graphite for steel, 600% to 1,200% more for lithium-ion batteries, almost 300% more for electronics and the highest of 500% more for semiconductors which are used in devices.

Why US needs to produce Graphite of its own?

US must produce Graphite of its own to cut the import costs raised enormously.  China has begun to apply export duty of 20% on graphite and 17% VAT as well.

About Graphite Corporation (GRPH)

Industry Growth Newsletter has unveiled the report on the consumption of Graphite and Graphite Corporation (GRPH) which is one of the graphite mining companies based in America.

Why Should You Invest in Graphite Corporation (GRPH)?

graphite demand

It is the right time to invest in Graphite Corporation as the company initiates the production of graphite deposit in United States. For now GRPH is trading around $0.80, in short term trading you can get the double or triple of your investment and in in long term trading you can expect more as the GRPH can trade around $6.00 in the near future. Analysts have created a graph of price vs. demand of Graphite Opportunity that is enough to answer Why Should You Invest in Graphite Corporation(GRPH)

This post brought to you by GRPH. All opinions are 100% mine.

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