Managing chatbots: It’s a different content strategy

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    Managing chatbots: It's a different content strategy 5
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    There is no debate about which is the reigning form of marketing – content. Be it your SEO blogs, PPC ads or on-site article, content is the heart and soul of all the marketing strategies. 

    Managing chatbots: It's a different content strategy 1

    But what about the new technologies? Is content important there?

    Without a doubt. 

    And the rage in every industry right now is for Chatbots, and of course, content is still going to be essential, with small changes. 

    Unlike your regular content marketing strategies, building content strategy for chatbots is a slightly different ball game. 

    Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Read on to find out how can you successfully add take advantage of chatbots for your business. 

    What is a Chatbot?

    The ultimate alternative to manual interaction, chatbots are programs that deliver short bouts of content automatically. In fact, they can even hold intelligent conversations with people depending upon their level of advancement and partly on your content strategy. 

    In other words, chatbots are responsible for offering an active experience to the users in the form of conversations which can be better than simply posting the content and asking people to read it. 

    In fact, due to their conversational tone, chatbots can successfully encourage calls to action. 

    How to develop a Chatbot content strategy?

    For chatbots to work successfully, their constituents are divided into 4 parts:

    • The entities, which are the relevant subjects that they will talk about
    • The intent, which is the final conclusion or goal of any interaction with them.
    • The Utterances, which are nothing but subsets of the main intents. They can be commands or questions which are unique and contain specific keywords. 
    • The responses are the answers or simply reply statements that the chatbots present to the users. 

    In order to structure the content of chatbots, the developer much have all the information about the above-mentioned parts. 

    What to remember while creating chatbot content?

    If you want to create content for a regular course or marketing need, you are required to compare authoring tools. For designing chatbot content, you are required to do a lot more primary research when it comes to choosing the best tool for your needs. 

    This might include the following points:

    1. Keep your platform in mind

    It is not necessary that your chatbot will only operate from your website. It might be for your page on facebook or any other social media platform. While devising your content for these specific places, always keep in mind the time of your conversations. 

    For instance, bot replies on LinkedIn might be different from those on Twitter in terms of tone, queries, and their respective answers. 

    Apart from the platform, the demographics of the reader are also crucial. In order to create the best responses for your chatbot, you should study your audience demographics on all of your targets social media channel and keep both the factors in mind while writing responses and prompts. 

    2. Build a persona of the bot

    You may call it a persona, personality, or character, but in the end, it will determine your visitors’ experience with the bot. Bring your creative team to the front line and humanize your chatbot. The more thoroughly researched and “human-like” your chatbot will be, the better it will be able to engage your audience. 

    You can also give your bot a name and create its response content in a friendly and relatable tone. 

    Important note: While developing the intrinsic characteristics of your bot, it is important that the level of creativity and the tone of the conversation is maintained throughout. For achieving this, it is vital that one team should work on this for the entire duration and extensive and organized data is maintained for emergency handovers. 

    3. Use CTAs wisely

    Chatbots can prove to be most effective when it comes to encouraging a user to take a call to action. Simply because they are engaging the visitors and answering the queries they hold the power the encourage them to take an action or simply direct them to the sales tab and to checkout. 

    So think about where do you want your audience to land after they visit your page. This kind of chatbot strategy can result in high conversions. 


    Chatbots are rapidly emerging as one of the most relevant technologies in today’s time, finding their way into every industry possible. Many Training Companies have also started providing chatbot technology for L&D because through them learners can avoid complex UIs and directly gain the necessary information. 

    In the end, bots might take over the data but only in a good way. 


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