M-HORSE N9000W Android Smart Phone Specification and Review

M-HORSE N9000W is a 3G Smartphone which is soon making high waves in the market. I had read some decent reviews about this phone from friends and was very excited to try it out myself.  Finally I got a chance to get a hold of this phone and I must say I was not very disappointed. Considering it was not very expensive I thought it was a good buy for just $84.05.

M-HORSE N9000W has some interesting features to make a note of. It has an Android 4.2 operating system and is a typical 3G Smartphone. As this phone is priced a mere $84.05 you cannot expect a world at this cost. Likewise M-HORSE N9000W too comes with its plus and minus points. This is what I figured about the phone.

n9000w design photos


M-HORSE N9000W has a nice wide screen with a display size of 5.5 inch which is actually very good.  The overall appearance of the phone is good something that you would like to hold in your hand with pride. The phone has a front and back camera of 5.0MP. It also has an Earphone Jack at the top and a USB port at the bottom. The volume buttons and Power off/on buttons are given on either side of the phone. The phone has a black front and back panel with capacitive keys option at the bottom.


n9000w  performance


I have read reviews where people have actually found M-HORSE N9000W as good as a Samsung Galaxy S3 as far as performance is concerned. It has good enough hardware to take care of your favorite applications.  It does not quiet have the connection issue and runs smoothly with no real drops. You can say the M-HORSE N9000W gets most of its basics right. Good functions are always a key of a good phone and M-HORSE N9000W provides just that. It has a 512MB RAM which is just about alright. Perhaps that could have been a little better but what can you expect at such a low price.

n9000w battery

Battery Life

M-HORSE N9000W has a 1 x 2800mAh Battery.  Battery life is not very great. It has a stand by time of 180 hours and almost 4 hours of talk time.  The batter capacity is just about 1550mAh. If you’re planning to watch YouTube videos or run heavy applications you will need a charger by your side.

n9000w 6 camera


M-HORSE N9000W has dual cameras which makes the phone a wise buy especially when you’re looking at a good camera at a low price.  It has a back camera and front camera of 5.0 MP. It also has a flash light and AF. The phone also supports video recording.



M-HORSE N9000W has a Dual SIM slot and Dual Standby. It also has a TF Card slot. Audio Out Port of 3.5mm and Micro USB Slot is also included in the features list.  M-HORSE N9000W also supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (802.11/b/g/n).



M-HORSE N9000W is a useful product at a low price. If you’re not willing to spend more but want just about good features then you can surely consider buying this smartphone. You can also buy M-HORSE N9000W at $84.05 from Gearbest.com.


M-HORSE N9000W Android Smart Phone Specification and Review 1
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