Know the Place of Your Twitter Followers with TweepsMap - Techgyo Review

Do you want to know the place of your tweet followers? Are you curious about your followers country or region? Here is the web app that let you know all this. Yes..! TweepsMap is a tool that can analyze your twitter followers geographically. You can see your twitter followers by country, state or city. It also provides the analyzed data with interactive map, list or pie chart.

How to use this web app?

TweepsMap has a simple user interface and you don’t need to create an account here, in order to know the region of your twitter followers just sign in with your twitter account and give permissions to the application to access your personal information from your twitter account. That’s it.. in fractions of seconds TweepsMap analyzes your followers country, state and city and then displays the colorful birds on a world map. Red birds depict the largest number of followers, yellow represents the second largest number and blue bird is for third largest.

You can group the followers by country, state/province or by city. It also displays the country-wise followers percentage and let you tweet the analyzed data.

Why use TweepsMap?

TweepsMap can be effectively used to analyze, whether the company’s campaign is successful in a targeted region, as it is possible to count the followers from the targeted area. TweepsMap is a great app for twitter marketing and brand tracking. It doesn’t store your twitter authentication credentials so it is 100% safe to work on this website. Visit to graphically analyze your twitter followers.


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