Kabutr: Send and Receive Twitter Tweets Via Email.

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Staying in touch with twitter have never been so easy before. There are many twitter tools and services available to have a better experience of using twitter. Today, I introduce one such web service which lets you send and receive twitter tweets vai email. You can reply to tweets all from any of your favorite email client.  Some times it might be a problem when the network is blocked to access twitter.com and to view your twitter messages and tweets.  So you can use these services as a possible solution in such cases.

Kabutr is one such service which lets you stay connected with twitter via mail.  You can check your twitter timeline right inside your inbox.  The interesting fact is that you need not install any application in your computer or no addons or scripts are required. They will provide you a unique email id for your account. And you are allowed to use the email client you already use to read your emails (Like Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc). So that you can  tag, star, filter, remember, search, and forward tweets as you do for a mail.


Wondering what "Kabutr". Kabutr means Pigeon in Hindi (And Indian Language). Pigeons were historically used in Indian kingdoms to deliver short messages across long distances and place to place.

Some features which Kabutr lets you do in ease:
  • Delivers (send and receives) your tweets to you as email from your twitter profile.
  • Tweet by sending email.
  • Allows you to Flag, Star, Tag, Search, Tweets inside your email client, as you do with regular mails.
  • Gives you a unique email ID for your Twitter profile.

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You can keep your twitter profile updated by sending an email to address provided to you by Kabutr, it will be tweeted in your profile. Sign in for Free and get your Kabutr email address now. Tweeting has never been so easy before. As twitter, there is a 140 character limitation for each tweet via email too.

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To start using this service. You just need to sign up for Kabutr,  and link (allow access) to your Twitter account. And then you are provided with a unique email address of kabutr (like [email protected]) which you can use to send tweets to your account. The executable commands include checking our messages, re-tweeting, tweeting, and sharing images. Any email client can be used to send the email.

[Link : Kabutr]
Are you using Kabutr? Do let us know what you think about this service.


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