Jelly Bean (Android 4.1)- New Fast and Smooth Version of Android

World’s most popular platform- Android just got better with its latest version of Android, Jelly Bean. It is being defined as the fastest and smoothest version of android so far. It has many improved features over its prior version Ice Cream Sandwich. The new features include Gesture Mode, TalkBack and Android Beam. The main advantage of Android 4.1 over 4.0 is the speed and smoothness. This feature is demonstrated by passing Jelly Bean under microscopic analysis! Lots of other features like voice search, widgets, and notifications are present.

Jelly Bean

Gesture Mode

With this new feature, blind users can interact with the device using gestures, swipes and also voice query. Also Jelly Bean supports external input via braille input by its accessibility plugins and also supports output devices through Bluetooth and USB. Well this is a new and great feature in Jelly Bean.


Voice Search

This feature is actually a screen reader in Android Platform. It can be used to navigate through applications and text. In the new version Jelly Bean, it supports gestures to initiate actions. Jelly Bean also supports Voice Search.

Android Beam

Jelly Bean- Beam

Android Beam allows you to share contacts, web pages, photos, videos, directions etc. just by a tap. Beaming is done by touching two android devices back to back and tapping to beam whatever is on the screen. Also you can instantly pair android devices to Bluetooth devices just by tapping the devices together.

Fast and Smooth Experience

Well to test the fast and smooth experience, two android devices with one having Android 4.0 and other with Jelly Bean were analyzed on a microscopic scale. The video in this post explains it. Jelly Bean provides a more uniform and responsive touch feel. This kind of functioning is achieved using Jelly Bean since it enhances the processor of your android device every time you touch the screen panel and automatically stands by when not in use. Thus Jelly Bean also increases the battery backup.


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