Is VR here to stay? 

Virtual reality (VR) is a simulated experience that is usually experienced through a headset, placing the user in a virtual world, allowing them to interact in a digital environment as if it is real. It is said that VR enables a psychological reaction called the sense of presence, making the experience feel real. The brain experiences these virtual happenings as real, despite being aware that they aren’t. 

is vr here to stay

In fact, VR has been making a splash in many sectors, including health and safety training, where it helps create a realistic environment to practice handling hazards, emergencies and safety procedures experiences that are too costly to do in real life. It has also found a use in workplace upskilling, and sees a lot of promise in the iGaming industry, where it has the potential to transform online casinos with their live casino features.

VR has seen fast developments throughout its years of introduction including experimental headsets and controllers like Oculus. While many researchers and experts would claim that this technology is not quite there yet, it’s definitely not going anywhere. It has improved drastically over the years and will continue to improve with new announcements, headsets, and development almost every week. 

VR has a positive effect on people’s lives in multiple areas including their everyday and business life. In fact, recent reports have shown that VR market trends are increasing in growth VR consumption which means that VR is becoming more and more accessible. 

As it stands, 26 million of headset devices are owned by private consumers and in 2020, there was 5.5 million units shipped to customers worldwide. Business leaders need to keep up with the times to develop their staff. Something as innovative are VR training solutions might just encourage employees in the right way. VR training is also less distracting than traditional training. It has also been proven that VR learners complete their training 4x faster while also guaranteeing safety. 

There’s still a lot of work to be done with VR. The 3dof on Mobile VR needs improvement since currently, if a user walks forward, the field of vision will not follow them so when it comes to fluid movement, there’s a lot of work to be done. The same can be said for teleporting which is limited with excessive fluid movement. 

In an ideal world, VR users will also get a 20/20 eye vision in commercial VR and dynamic focus, body tracking, and hand tracking. These features with a smaller headset and an improved battery life can improve on the immersive experience, making it a more wholesome one. 

And the IT thing of the moment…the metaverse. The metaverse can only happen once access to software is made available to all. Features to roll our VR still need some work. With platforms such as OpenXR and WebXR, you can truly create your own XR space, embracing collaboration and software accessibility to all. 

The future of VR is bright and with the right improvements, we believe that VR is truly here to stay, helping to bring a positive advantage in business and everyday life. 

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