6 Types of Online Scams You Must Try to Avoid

6 Types of Online Scams You Must Try to Avoid 1

The Internet for some years now has been the best source of information, that it is almost be impossible for the world to survive if the Internet to taken away.

Billions on the word population are expose to the Internet on daily basis for different purposes, some are on the internet to earn their daily living, some are for fun, some use it to educate themselves, but there is a population of people on the internet who are there just to scam other users, we term this as cyber-crime. Due to this single act the internet is no longer save, there is now a big issue of internet security.

Now the big question is – how do these people perform these cyber-crime, how do they do it, and what do they stand to achieve.

On this post we will see various tactics internet scammers use to achieve their selfish goals. Knowing this will keep us away from them and ensure our security on the internet.

Types of Online Scam You Must Try To Avoid

1. Online Job Scam

Online job scam is real, if you not yet a victim you may not really believe that it exist. In recent days online fake jobs appears more genuine than even the authentic ones. This is because the scammer will give you a perfect attention, and block every loopholes of suspect. Online job scam are in different format depending on how you play along. Even if you receive call from the so called employer, or maybe they have a convincing website, it is no guarantee. At last everything will boil down to pay a sum of money for a particular purpose or another, once it comes to that keep off immediately. And if your account details is asked for whatever reason also stay clear.

2. Online Dating Scam

Most online scammers are on different dating site looking for who to hook up with. No matter how real they sound you must be very careful, and make sure you never get so emotional. Most of the scammers uses fake profile, although few of them uses their real profile, so even if you get to meet your date one-on-one or make use of video call it still do not prove they are genuine. 

This scammers are so smart that they can predict you next move even before you make it. These people have patience to the highest core, they don’t mind being on friend zone for a very long time before throwing their advances on you, just to make you think they are real. To identify them you must be smarter than them.

Once they succeed in having an emotional relationship with you, then they can easily; fraud, kidnap, abuse, blackmail or gain access to your personal data.

3. Online Shopping Scam

There are lot of fake online store, some of them have a unique design why some are cloned to look like trusted online store. Always be sure of any URL you buy from – some URL seems very similar but not the same, take for example: www.gearbest.com” is different from “www.gearbast.com” and “www.gearbest.co” it’s confusing isn’t it.

A scammer can create the fake website and maybe sent convincing email with mind-blowing Gearbest coupon offer, (something like “buy today at 80% discount“), once you click and try to make purchases online they will receive all your payment details in their back-end, and redirect you to the original website, you may end up thinking it’s a network issue as you been redirected, not knowing that you have been scammed, with your details they can easily defraud you. Always ensure you are at the right URL especially when you need to make online payment.

4. Online Lottery Scam

In this kind of scam you may get a phones call or email with information that you have won a lottery draws abroad. Depending on the tactics the scammer is using, you may be told to send a certain sum of money before you can claim your price. This type of scammers makes it seem so real, they may even have a website and make video calls and interviews with you.

 5. Ponzi Scheme Scam

A Ponzi scheme is a kind of investment promising high rates of return with little or no risk to investors, it generates returns for existing investors by acquiring new investors.

Most people who are involved in ponzi investment don’t really understand how it works as long as there is a high level of return they don’t mind. But most ponzi scheme last only for a short while before crashing. 

Once it crashes all who newly invested will lose all their investment. A scammer can developed a ponzi scheme and make it very attractive in the beginning, at a point he will channel most of the investments to himself and make it crash. The best way to avoid this kind of scam is to stay off all ponzi schemes.

6. Hacking Scam

The hacking scam exist in different ways depending on which the scammer decides to use. In most case the scammer try to infest people computer with all sorts of virus – especially Spyware which will monitor and report all activities done on the infested computer. They may hide the virus in email attachment, or online free download.

To prevent yourself from this kind of scam you must have an up-to-date antivirus for your PC, also be very careful of where you download your files from, and finally never open or download an email attachment from an unknown sender.

6 Types of Online Scams You Must Try to Avoid 3
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