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Well i know you must be thinking what is this qualitative research, Qualitative research softwares like ATLAS.ti helps people to manage, shape and make sense of unstructured information. It will not do the thinking for the user but provides a sophisticated workspace that enables him/her to work through their information. To put it more specifically, Qualitative research is a method of inquiry appropriated in many different academic disciplines, traditionally in the social sciences, but also in market research and further contexts.

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Atlas.ti is one great software if you want qualitative research to be done in a perfect way. Although there are other options as well but be sure the feature list of Atlas.ti outmatches them all.

Features that will make your Qualitative Research easy

The most important thing about any software is the interface and Atlas.ti brings a great interface which is truly intuitive as it emulates the traditional paper & pencil desktop style, the menus can be accessed easily which makes way for some great ease of use. The power users who love multitasking will also find themselves at home as Atlas.ti allows users to open combination of functions to be together.

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When you are doing some qualitative research, you will need data to research, data management is also great as it supports huge number of data formats such as plain text, Rich Text or PDF formats, work with audio files in mp3, au, wma, or wav format, with video files in mpeg, wmf, or avi formats, with graphic files like tif, multi page tif, gif, emf, jpeg formats, or with live Google Earth documents, kml and kmz formats (and many more). ATLAS.ti uses an external referencing system for your data files you will need in your qualitative research. This makes it possible to work with a large data files like video files or with a large amount of data files. In case you have errors in your data file, you can even edit that in the software itself. All languages and characters are supported. You can also easily backup your files.

You also get great organization and usability with features such as object explorer, drag and drop coding, powerful, integrated object management etc..  The users who want some great coding will not be disappointed by the Atlas.ti software as it has unlimited coding and features such as automatic segment selection, code transparency, color coded codes, grouping and filtering codes, auto coding and a very powerful code manager.

qualitative research

Memos and comments also work great as every object in Atlas.ti is fully annotable and you can even output all annotations. Coming to comments, you get document comments, quotation comments with visualisation and output. For memos, you get extremely flexible memos, multiple use memos, multi use memos. You get full access to memos which you fully visualise.

Atlas.ti offers linking at data level, atomic linking, intelligent links and you get full control with hyperlinking.  All objects (documents, quotations, codes, memos, families of objects and icons of other network views) and their relation to each other can be graphically displayed. Visualisation features are truly great in Atlas.ti which makes up for a great experience in qualitative research. You can pretty much see everything visually.

You can easily work with variables with intelligent data handling. If a list of variables already exist, these can be imported via an Excel table, thus allowing for a smooth integration of qualitative and quantitative data. You can even export variables and use variables for searching.

Other features include searching for your database, quantification, transcription, GeoData, survey import teamwork. All in all Atlas.ti makes up for a great qualitative research software and with the new Atlas.ti 7 which brings some really intuitive features, its hard to look at any other qualitative software to get your work done. There are numerous areas in which users will be delighted to find significant changes with Atlas.ti. They make working with the program even smoother, easier, faster, safer, and more productive than ever before.

Licenses and Prices

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For a single user license,


U.S. Dollar ($)
License Type
Single User License 1 User2300 $1290 $670 $

For a multi use license, you can get either purchase a license or take it on lease,

Prices: Purchased License


U.S. Dollar ($)
License Type
Multi-User License 5 Users8500 $4650 $2500 $
Multi-User License 10 Users16500 $9300 $4800 $
Multi-User License 15 Users23800 $13150 $6900 $
Multi-User License 20 Users30700 $17550 $8900 $
Multi-User License 25 Users36500 $22000 $10600 $
Multi-User License 30 Users41400 $26300 $12000 $
Multi-User License 35 Users46200 $30700 $13400 $
Multi-User License 40 Users51400 $35000 $14900 $
Multi-User License 45 Users55200 $40000 $16000 $
Multi-User License 50 Users60000 $43800 $17400 $
Multi-User License 55 Users65200 $48000 $18900 $
Multi-User License 60 Users71000 $52500 $20600 $
Multi-User License 65 Users74800 $57000 $21700 $
Multi-User License 70 Users80700 $61500 $23400 $
Multi-User License 80 Users93500 $70000 $27100 $

Prices: Leased License


U.S. Dollar ($)
License Type
Multi-User License 5 Users
– Lease / Subscription
3100 $ (annually)1950 $ (annually)900 $ (annually)
Multi-User License 10 Users
– Lease / Subscription
5800 $ (annually)3600 $ (annually)1400 $ (annually)
Multi-User License 15 Users
– Lease / Subscription
8300 $ (annually)5200 $ (annually)1700 $ (annually)
Multi-User License 20 Users
– Lease / Subscription
10700 $ (annually)6600 $ (annually)3100 $ (annually)
Multi-User License 25 Users
– Lease / Subscription
12800 $ (annually)8000 $ (annually)3700 $ (annually)
Multi-User License 30 Users
– Lease / Subscription
14500 $ (annually)9000 $ (annually)4200 $ (annually)
Multi-User License 35 Users
– Lease / Subscription
16200 $ (annually)10100 $ (annually)4700 $ (annually)
Multi-User License 40 Users
– Lease / Subscription
17900 $ (annually)11250 $ (annually)5200 $ (annually)
Multi-User License 45 Users
– Lease / Subscription
19300 $ (annually)12150 $ (annually)5600 $ (annually)
Multi-User License 50 Users
– Lease / Subscription
21000 $ (annually)13230 $ (annually)6100 $ (annually)
Multi-User License 55 Users
– Lease / Subscription
22700 $ (annually)14200 $ (annually)6600 $ (annually)
Multi-User License 60 Users
– Lease / Subscription
24800 $ (annually)15500 $ (annually)7200 $ (annually)
Multi-User License 65 Users
– Lease / Subscription
26200 $ (annually)16400 $ (annually)7600 $ (annually)
Multi-User License 70 Users
– Lease / Subscription
28300 $ (annually)17800 $ (annually)8200 $ (annually)
Multi-User License 80 Users
– Lease / Subscription
32700 $ (annually)20520 $ (annually)9500 $ (annually)

Student prices

License TypePrice
Student License (duration of degree program)$ 99€ 75£ 65
Semester License (six months)$ 51€ 39£ 34


With superior functionality, great usability, unique multimedia capabilities and some great security, reliability and flexibility, qualitative research was never so intuitive. ATLAS.ti is much less susceptiple to common security threats and remains more flexible and expandable in its capabilities than other products so you can do some secure qualitative researchfor your company.

Don’t agree with us, you can experience some great qualitative research for yourself as you can get an unlimited trial version is available at

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