How To Get More Subscribers To Your Blog

Blogging is a great way to make money online, but it requires consistent efforts over a period of time to see results. Getting traffic to your blog is the most important aspect of being a successful blogger. Traffic is important as it helps to make more sales, get more subscribers etc. If you want to get more subscribers to your blog you have to work on improving your traffic. Blog subscribers are of various types like subscribers who subscribe to your mailing list or to your feed, but traffic is vital to get all type of subscribers.

Here are a few helpful tips to increase your blog subscribers:

1) Let blog visitors know about subscription option

Most people who visit your blog don’t spend too much time and will not subscribe if they are not informed about the subscription option. You need to ensure that your blog visitors know that there is a way to subscribe to your blog. This can help to improve your blog’s subscription rate.

2) Placement matters

If you want to get more subscribers to your blog, take a look at the placement of your subscribe option. When you want more subscribers to your feed you should place the feed icon above the fold. Similarly, if you want people to subscribe to your mailing list place your subscribe icon full screen so that readers don’t need to scroll down the page.

3) Write unique and valuable content Unique and valuable content is the lifeline of any blog.

It is also one of the most powerful ways to increase your blog subscribes. When you consistently produce quality content for your blog, it improves your credibility and helps to increase your blog subscribers.

4) List the benefits You should try and list the benefits of subscribing to your blog.

If you don’t mention the benefits of subscribing to your blog people may not even subscribing to it. When you give your blog readers a few solid reasons to subscribe, it can dramatically improve your blog subscription rate.

5) Get more traffic Getting more traffic is probably the most important technique to increase your blog subscribers.

You can never get subscribers to your blog without getting traffic to your blog. Try and get free targeted high quality traffic from search engines to increase your blog subscribers.

6) Make it Easy to Subscribe You should try and make is easy to subscribe to your blog.

Most blog readers prefer receiving blog post updates is via email and you should have this option to increase your blog subscribers. You should try to convert your blog traffic into subscribers as this will help you build a list of loyal visitors who will read your blog posts regularly. Increasing blog subscribers is important part of being a successful blogger and improving your sales.


  1. The Contents should be unique and also placement would finally show you how many subscribers you can get ...

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