How to Fax From Your Printer Fastest for Free in only 3 steps!

Although there are a number of ways to fax important documents through online faxing services, there’s no direct way that allows us to send documents from a printer through the internet. This is where online fax apps feel a blessing & GoogleFaxFree is one of them.

how to fax from a printer

GoogleFaxFree shows how to fax from a printer with an online fax service. As a popular blog on online faxing, GoogleFaxFree provides everything about online faxing. Also, GoogleFaxFree recommends some faxing apps. 

As well, GoogleFaxFree shows the way Google fax online works. Google fax entails using Google services such as Gmail to send and receive faxes. As one of the quickest way of sending faxes, Email to fax services works online. 

Is faxing from your printer possible?

Yes it is but it needs a trustworthy mean to fax through. An online fax app transmits faxes to the recipient fax machine on your behalf. It accomplishes this by translating the fax documents into a fax format. 

How to Fax From Your Printer Fastest for Free in only 3 steps! 1

As well, online faxing apps translate incoming faxes and forwards them to the printer. Most printers do not have faxing capability. Those with built-in faxes require a phone line to work. 

So, regardless of whether you have a printer that supports faxing or not, you still need an online fax app. We recommend CocoFax for a convenient and fast way to faxing documents from your printer. 

CocoFax – The best online faxing app

CocoFax is a top-rated online fax app with over a million users across the world. 

How to Fax From Your Printer Fastest for Free in only 3 steps! 2

It not only allows a user various facing ways but also transforms the printer to a high-end fax machine without additional setup. You only need to signup for a CocoFax account. 

Moreover, it offers a free trial & lets users choose a free custom fax number. What’s more, it provides unrivaled online fax features and capabilities. 

Why Choose CocoFax 

1. Offers amazing features 

CocoFax provides features that most traditional fax machines don’t have. Among its features is the 24/7 faxing capabilities, lifetime storage, and international faxing. 

2. Safe and Secure

To ensure security, Ccofax uses various protocols. It encrypts all the faxes to ensure no unauthorized access. As well, the faxes are password-protected to ensure no unauthorized person can see them. 

3. Fast and reliable 

Compared to conventional fax machines, CocoFax is fast & sends the fax in just a few seconds. CocoFax offers notifications for both sent and received faxes so you won’t miss a thing.

How to fax from a printer using CocoFax 

The process of sending a fax from a printer is easy using CocoFax. Below is what it takes: 

Step 1: Start by visiting the official CocoFax website and signup & can be done using any device.

As you sign up, CocoFax will let you choose a custom fax number of your choice. 

How to Fax From Your Printer Fastest for Free in only 3 steps! 3

Step 2: When you are through signing up, CocoFax will let you access your dashboard. The CocoFax dashboard acts as a virtual fax machine & can be used to send & receive faxes around the world. 

To send a fax, open new fax windows & compose the fax there & attach scanned files. Add the receiver details at the receipt bar & click on it to send.  

Fill in the fax number associated with the recipient inside the ‘To’ field.Numerous file formats i.e, doc, .xls, .png, .jpg, and pdf are supported by Cocofax.  

Step 3: Once done drafting your fax, hit the Send button & the fax will be sent immediately to the recipient you’ll be notified shortly after its done.

How to Fax From Your Printer Fastest for Free in only 3 steps! 4

Receiving faxes: With CocoFax, receiving faxes is easy. Find all the incoming faxes in the inbox folder. Here, CocoFax will let you access and print faxes.


An online fax app is the fastest way of transmitting faxes & allows you to send faxes through any device. Check out CocoFax if you wish to fax documents from your printer. 

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