How To: Easily Setup Dual Boot With Windows 7 And Linux.

I thought it would be a good idea to help out the new users, who are trying to configure dual boot of Windows 7 and Linux. Now many of you might not be aware of the fact that, Windows 7 no longer uses the boot.ini for booting purpose, like it was used in Windows XP. Instead it uses its own MBR. But the problem comes, when you try to install Linux first and then Windows 7. As the MBR of Windows 7 is not at all friendly with the GRUB of Linux. So what it does, is that it simply replaces the GRUB file.

So How Do I Make It Work?

There are many ways in which this issue could be fixed. But today I would like to inform you about the simplest of the technique, so if you are a starter. You don’t need to struggle much with it. I will consequently update the other combinations and ways to do the same job done.

What Needs To Be Done?

First you will need to make a separate partition for Windows and Linux and it would be better to make a small partion say of 1 Gb to have some space for the swap file. To create these partitions, you can use any partition manager. I uses Acronis for the purpose.  If you are using Acronis, just create a image file of the application and put in a USB drive and boot from it. Next steps are simple. You can follow the onscreen instructions to complete your job.

Now after you are done with it, here comes the simple trick what you need to do is first install the Windows 7 in the required partiton you created for it. Leave the other partition as it is during installation. Now after the installation of Windows 7 is completed, you can now reboot and start the installation with the Linux.

Done Till That What Now?

Now just simply install the Linux in its designated drive and also provide the swipe space you created during partitioning. Now in this case the boot selection screen will come with GRUB as it will happily accept the windows loader without any problem. And after the installation is completed, you are all set to go. If you want, to give the control of the boot selection to the Windows MBR, that can also be done, with a bit of tweaking. We will discuss about it in the next post of Linux Series.

How To: Easily Setup Dual Boot With Windows 7 And Linux. 1
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