How to Create Outstanding Resume – The Professional Guide

Find out how to prepare yourself for job vacancies and create exciting resumes in a few simple actions

The Proper Resume: How to Create it

Found a great job? The first step is to interest the employer, emphasizing their best qualities. We have prepared a guide for you on how to write a resume that will at least lead you to an interview, and at the maximum – will help you get a dream job!

On average, it takes 5-10 seconds to view one resume. That is why it is so essential to make a positive impression immediately. A resume is self-promotion, which should present you with the best side for the employer. Therefore, your task is to make all points of the resume “catchy.”

The Main Structure of Your Resume

When writing a resume, it is vital to adhere to a particular structure so that the information is clear, orderly, and easy to read. We recommend sending it in PDF format so that no problems are opening the file.

Write simple sentences of 5-7 words. Avoid obscure contractions. Be sure to divide the text into paragraphs, choose a clear font. Use italics or bold to highlight headings. Remember that a resume should not exceed two pages — ideally, 1 page. If you some trouble by writing it, then it is better to hire professionals from resume writing service – resumeget.

A big plus, especially for representatives of the creative industry, will be the graphic design – so you stand out against other candidates and immediately demonstrate your creative skills. Be sure to attach a photo if requested by the employer.

Now let’s take a look at the blocks on how to write a resume and describe key points.

Name/Surname + Your Contacts

Everything is straightforward here. Do not use your work email for communication – specify a personal one or create a separate one for job search. Be sure to check that your email address matches the format [email protected], and does not offer to write some fluffy bunny.

Add links to Facebook, LinkedIn, or other professional networks, such as Quora or Medium. When specifying personal profiles on social networks, carefully check their contents so as not to get into an awkward situation.


This paragraph should answer the questions of why you should be invited for an interview and whether it makes sense to delve into the resume at all. Its goal is to focus the attention of the employer/recruiter, immediately highlighting your professional goals, experience, expertise, and personal qualities. If you do not make it clear how companies will be useful, you are doomed to failure.

Professional Experience

Start with your current or last job, moving to the first one. Remember: only experience relevant to the vacancy you are applying for is worth pointing out. If you don’t have one, consider writing a functional resume and focusing on skills rather than places of work.

Briefly, indicate the name and scope of the company. Then – your position and role, as well as the main tasks. Give a list of the main achievements, and do not forget to back them up with arguments and evidence. Remember that successes must be measurable, concrete, impressive, and must be consistent with the position.

Main Skills of Yours

This block should be approached very responsibly because it is for your skills that they will pay you money. Indicate your essential qualities and abilities necessary precisely for the position for which you are applying. Here, in which programs you work and which languages ??you speak.

It is not superfluous to mention your interests. They will help the employer understand what kind of person you are and how you will join the team. An important point: it is better to indicate hobbies that are directly or indirectly related to the desired position, or your interests must be truly unique.

Avoid Using Templates

According to a survey, ? employers consider it a mistake to use ready-made resumes from the Internet because they are usually too general and do not give a complete picture of the candidate. But a personalized and moderately detailed resume will show you the winning side.

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