7 Ways How has coronavirus changed the way, We use the internet?


The recent changes of Indian society amid coronavirus lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic have created a copious demand of the internet. According to the telecom ministry data, a rise of 13% has been observed during this coronavirus lockdown period. This new situation we are through not just increased internet usage but also changed the ways we are using the internet.

In India, most of the internet is accessed through mobile data, this has changed in the last few days as a significant increase in data usage from the laptops, and smart televisions have been observed. Thus, getting proper access to your router’s IP admin panel is a must to ensure complete internet access!

Which is a result of people wanting to use the big screens at their reach for using the online streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon prime video?

Work from home

coronavirus situation that we are through has brought a hike In the work from home culture. Which has been taken as a measure to prevent the community transfer of the coronavirus.

With these people started working from their places on their laptops to get the job done which partly included attending video conferences, interacting with their teammates, monitoring the work progress

Online learning

Online learning has been increasing in the last few years at a rapid rate as the internet provides better options to surf the ocean of knowledge available to everyone, which is far better than going through the massive books to get some simple answers that we are looking for.

These last few days, I experienced the ease of learning online. With the schools and colleges under shut down, I have utilized the online learning platforms to upskill myself. 

Many popular platforms such as Unacademy, Faceprep, Coursera, Shaw academy,edyst have been offering students to get better in these crucial days. The universities have also taken steps to conduct online classes with an interactive session for their students on the conference apps such as zoom and google meet to pick up the pace of academic learning. It has also been observed that the universities are conducting exams online for the students.

Social interactions

Meeting up with friends and family, going to places together, and socializing has been a habit to almost everyone in society. But the new situations have made that merely impossible to happen. With this difficulty, people have started to get on with their loved ones on Facetime and have been spending hours interacting with them to maintain healthy relationships.

This has increased massively, creating opportunities for developers. Many applications such as the House party, Bunch have gained popularity and a large number of users.


Brave doctors and nurses have been putting their lives on the edge to provide health care service to the people this would go into the vein if the people are not well informed of the ways to prevent yourself from the coronavirus and more details of the nearby facilities.

The internet has been widely used to play this role of educating others through social media and youtube, telling them how to react to the situations and keeping them away from panicking about the situation.

The internet is being used to monitor the daily news about the growth of the coronavirus and the ways to be safe.


With the world recessing its GDP during this coronavirus pandemic, our nation has also been taking a great hit at the economy with the closure of its sources of income, and taxes have fallen drastically. Donors are needed to fight against the virus for providing medical facilities and, most importantly, to keep the hunger away from the nation.

The internet has been used to publicize the importance of donors like never before adequately. The awareness is being taken into the people to take a step forward and provide a helping hand for the people fighting to withstand their lives.

Many fundraisers have been established to provide support in which the internet has been significant support.


With most of the youngsters staying home for a long time, it has almost been as if it’s already a summer break. The young people and passionate elders have been involved in gaming platforms excessively like never before.

Coming to mobile games, the famous Tencent game PUBG has never stopped to attract young gamers. PC games such as Fortnite which provide interactive gameplay to the players are streaming at high capacity and providing an undistracted gaming experience

Online streaming

Movies and web series have been providing the entertainment that we need for the last few years. During these coronavirus pandemic conditions, online streaming giants like Netflix, Amazon prime, and Hotstar have never failed to entertain the crowd.

With new movies and seasons adding up regularly to the streaming platforms, the people are sticking to them to spend their time enjoying their free time with their family. The action of limiting streaming quality has also made people have unlimited fun.

Considering the time available the youngsters are finishing seasons within a day like never before and most importantly never getting bored.

7 Ways How has coronavirus changed the way, We use the internet? 1
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